[robotics-worldwide] Invitation to become part of the genesis of a new kind of service robots: a robotic running coach

Erwin Prassler prassler at locomotec.com
Mon May 20 08:26:59 PDT 2013

Dear Robotics Community,

The idea that robots can help humans in achieving dirty, dull, or
dangerous tasks has meanwhile been accepted not only by robotic
researchers and engineers but also by the regular consumers. Service 
robots are clearly on the rise.

Today we are asking for your help in giving birth to a new service robot
that is not meant to help a human in a dirty, dull, or dangerous task
but in a rather (seemingly) healthy activity: running.

Why would one need a robot for running?

The answer may be somewhat surprising. Running is not healthy per se.
It can be even health endangering. Only 32% percent of all runners run
in a way that is beneficial to their health. 68% out of more than
10.000 runners who were interviewed in a recent study run in a way that
is not only not beneficial but even causes health problems.

In cooperation with the German Sports University in Cologne we have been
developing a prototype of a robot that can help and guide runners to run
in a way that is beneficial to their health and fitness and helps
improving their performance: RUFUS, our robotic running coach.

RUFUS is in the final and most important stage of its genesis,
namely in the product design and certification phase.

Since RUFUS will be a consumer robot, we would like to get the feedback
of as many robot designers and engineers and consumers as possible in
this phase.

Please, participate in our questionnaire on


and give us your feedback on the design studies which you find there
as well as on RUFUS's functions and general use.

Thanks for your help!
Erwin Prassler

Prof. Dr. Erwin Prassler
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Legal Notice: Locomotec UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is located in
Landsberg, Germany. The company is registered at the register
court in Augsburg, Germany under the number HRB 25082. Managing
directors are Prof. Dr. Erwin Prassler and Dipl.-Inform. Walter Nowak.

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