[robotics-worldwide] 3rd Joint Workshop on New Technologies for Computer/Robot Assisted Surgery - 11-12-13 September 2013 - Verona - Italy

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3rd Joint Workshop on New Technologies for Computer/Robot Assisted Surgery
- Moving forward by linking surgical robotic activities in EU -

Dates: 11-12-13 September 2013
Location: Verona, Italy
Submission deadline: 30 June
Website: http://www.tinyurl.com/cras2013 

-- Background --
Robotic surgery is one of the most appealing fields of modern robotics. With over 2 decades history, more than 2.000 systems installed worldwide and over 200.000 interventions conducted per annum; the field of robotic surgery is considered well-established. Despite these impressive figures and increasing popularity in research labs all over the world, the list of technological advances that made it into the operating room (OR) during this last decade is fairly limited. Long expected techniques such as 3D reconstruction, motion compensation, virtual guidance, haptic feedback, under study in many labs all over the planet did not make their appearance into the market yet. 
This workshop seeks to give a clear view on the status and recent trends of abovementioned assistive surgical robotic technologies and aims to propose concrete measures to achieve a critical mass in research and innovation in this field. In fact, regardless of its popularity, the share of European technology used in clinical practice remains disproportionally small, with limited signs of improvement on the horizon. The workshop will continue the discussion started at ERF in Lyon and at ICRA in Karlsruhe and will attempt to identify the steps necessary to stimulate cooperation among the projects in robotic surgery and the best approach to take advantage of the supposed attention of Horizon2020 to innovation.  

-- Scope and Topics --
We call for contributions summarizing the state-of-the-art or introducing promising trends in robot-assisted surgery, both from scientific as clinical perspective; contributions discussing the relevance, challenges and impediments that are faced by surgical robotic and assistive technology developers when considering the introduction of their technology into the surgical theatre as well as for visionary works that provide arguments to brake with the current status-quo.  

Specific topics of interest are
* registration, segmentation and modeling;
* motion compensation and active guidance;
* human-robot collaboration and shared control;
* workflow analysis and episode segmentation;
* machine learning and cognitive surgical robotics;
* surgical skill assessment;
* usability and user-acceptance;
* surgical training;
* standardization and regulation;
* system integration;
* safety and dependability;
* synergies and clustering;
* visionary works and roadmaps.

The workshop will also include an extensive roundtable discussion on how to best approach the new Horizon2020 framework program, and how to create "super" consortia encompassing several projects in robotic surgery to foster cooperation and experience exchange.

-- Organising Committee --
Gianni Borghesan (KU Leuven),	Leonardo De Mattos (IIT), Elena De Momi (POLIMI), Giancarlo Ferrigno (POLIMI), Paolo Fiorini (Univ. Verona), Stamatia Giannarou (ICL), Enrique Gomez (Univ. Madrid), Tamas Haidegger (Obuda Univ.), Arianna Menciasi (SSSA, Pisa), George Milonas (ICL), Sarthak Misra (TU Twente), Mauro Sette (M7 Devices), Danail Stoyanov (UCL), Emmanuel Vander Poorten (KU Leuven), Jos Vander Sloten (KU Leuven), Guang-Zhong Yang (ICL). This list will be further updated to reflect the targeted broad coverage of members belonging to the computer/robot-assisted society.

-- Tentative Program --
A tentative program for the workshop is indicated on the home page http://www.tinyurl.com/cras2013. Next to sessions covering the current state of the art of various aspects of surgical robotics and recent trends, a number of sessions are foreseen for analysis, reflection, discussion, planning future activities. The workshop's finding will be compared to the roadmap in robotic surgery being developed by EuRobotics, to identify a list of concrete action points to accelerate research and transfer of research in the surgical robotic field.

-- Call for Contributions --
Extended abstracts are solicited discussing one or more of the abovementioned workshop topics. Abstracts can be submitted online http:// www.tinyurl.com/cras2013/contributions.  
* Deadline for extended abstracts :  30 June 2013
* Notification of acceptance: 30 July 2013
* Final abstract submission :  30 August 2013 A price for best-abstract and best-paper award will be awarded and selected contributions will be invited to prepare a journal version for publication on the Surgepedia homepage http://rsp.inf.elte.hu/ 

-- Registration --
Registration will open soon (http:// www.tinyurl.com /cras2013/registration)
* Early bird Registration:  100 Euros (until August 15).
* Regular and onsite registration:  150 Euros (after August 15).

-- Venue --
University of Verona - http://www.di.univr.it/?ent=infodipartimento&lang=en, Accademia di Agricoltura Scienze e Lettere di Verona, via Leoncino 6, Verona, Italy. 

-- Accomodation --
A list of hotels is published on the workshop webpage (http:// www.tinyurl.com /cras2013/venue/accommodation). Please make a reservation well in advance because September is still high season and many events are organized in that period. Some rooms were reserved for the conference in the following hotels. When booking in these hotels please use the code reported for each hotel. Please notice that the rooms are guaranteed only before the deadline reported for each hotel.

-- Travel Information --
Travel information is indicated at the conference home page (http://www.tinyurl.com/cras2013/venue/travel). Additional information can also be obtained from the Tourist office of Verona: IAT VERONA, Informazioni ed Accoglienza Turistica, Provincia di Verona - Turismo, Via degli Alpini, 9 (Piazza Bra')  37121 Verona, Tel. +39-(0)45 806 8680

Emmanuel Benjamin Vander Poorten,
Postdoctoral Researcher,
Haptic Interfacing & Teleoperation, Dept. of mechanical engineering, division PMA, University of Leuven Celestijnenlaan 300B, B-3001 Heverlee, Belgium Emmanuel.VanderPoorten at mech.kuleuven.be
tel: +32/(0)  

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