[robotics-worldwide] Robotics/Linguistics Symposium on "Semantics of Action"

Florentin Woergoetter worgott at physik3.gwdg.de
Thu May 23 08:51:09 PDT 2013

Invitation to join and listen to the

Göttingen Symposium on

The Semantics of Action

June 10-11, 2013

Venue: Lecture Hall 5, Inst. for Physics, Friedrich Hund Platz 1, 
D-37077 Göttingen

Goal: The goal of this symposium is to bring researchers from the field 
of (computational) Linguistics together with people from Cognitive 
Robotics in order to intensify the dialogue between these two groups.

Synopsis: The complexity of human action (e.g. manipulations) and the 
richness of related language expressions surpass the current 
capabilities of machines by far. As a consequence research especially in 
recent years has led to a strong demand for better 'action 
understanding' by artificial agents. On the other hand, the aspect that 
machines allow for action execution offers to the linguist a test-bed 
for assessing the validity of a semantics of action sentences. 
Therefore, we see a high potential for mutual benefit for these two 
research fields where our symposium might help to bring the different 
groups in closer contact.

June 10th
10:15-10:55        Registration and Coffee
10:55-11:00        Introductory Remarks (R. Eckardt and F. Wörgötter)

11:00-11:45    Tibor Kiss (Univ. Bochum)    Requirements for the 
annotation of spatial interpretations of prepositions.
11:45-12:30    Stefan Wermter (Univ. Hamburg)    Integrated Neural 
Symbolic Knowledge Technologies for Action Semantics
12:30-13:30    Lunch

13:30-14:15    Manfred Pinkal (Uni. Saarbrücken)    Making TACoS: 
Grounding Distributional Models of Action Descriptions in Videos
14:15-15:00    Michael Beetz (Univ. Bremen)    From Vague Instructions 
to Executable Robot Plans --- Representation of, and Reasoning about, 
Action Verbs
15:00-15:30    Coffee break with Cookies
15:30-16:15    Daiva Vitkute.-Adz(gauskiene. (Univ. Kaunas) Unsupervised 
and semi-supervised learning of action ontology using domain-specific 
16:15-17:00    Yiannis Aloimonos (Univ. Maryland)    A minimalist 
grammar for action
17:00-17:15    Short coffee break
17:15-18:00    Phillipp Cimiano (Univ. Bielefeld)    Towards a model for 
learning action constructions grounded in sensorimotor action patterns
19:00    Dinner

June 11th
8:30-9:15    Eren Aksoy (Univ. Göttingen)    Semantic Analysis of 
Manipulation Actions: Semantic Event Chains
9:15-10:00    Stefan Müller (Freie Univ. Berlin)    Deep Linguistic 
Analysis, Interfaces and World Knowledge
10:00-10:30    Coffee
10:30-11:15    John Batemen (Univ. Bremen)    Modularity and Abstraction 
in Natural Language Spatial Semantics:  searching for systematicity in 
the problem space
11:15-12:00    Norbert Krüger (Univ. Odense)    From early vision to symbols
12:00 - end open (13:00)    Final Discussion    Concluding Remarks (R. 
Eckardt and F. Wörgötter):
"Can Linguists and Roboticists really understand each other..... "

Supported by the European Project ACAT (http://www.acat-project.eu/), 
funded by European Commission ICT - Information and Communication 
Technologies - Grant Nr. 600578, and the Bernstein Focus for 
Neurotechnology, Göttingen, funded by the German Ministry of Science 


Prof. Dr. Florentin Wörgötter
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