[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Call for Participation - IROS'13 3rd Workshop on Robots and Sensors integration in future rescue INformation system (ROSIN'13)

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Sat Nov 2 19:12:35 PDT 2013

IROS'13 3rd Workshop on Robots and Sensors integration in future rescue
INformation system (ROSIN'13)

November 7, 2013 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Web site: http://www.doesnotunderstand.org/public/ROSIN2013.html


This workshop will take place in November 7, 2013 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
during the 2013 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent
Robots and Systems (IROS'13).

This workshop is supported by the IEEE Robotics and Automation’s
Technical Committee on Safety Security and Rescue Robotics.

## Motivation and objectives

Intelligent rescue systems including ITC and robotics technology have
been proposed to mitigate disasters, especially in Japan after the
1995 Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Reports on urban emergency relief point
out that the most serious difficulty is the delay of communication of
reliable information between the authorities in charge, especially
district authorities, which are supposed to coordinate efforts in
real-time and make requests for support at the city level. In order to
do that, the infrastructure of information systems during disasters
plays an important role. Future rescue information systems may involve
a complex mixture of humans performing high level decision-making,
intelligent agents coordinating the response, sensors networks
providing real-time observations and robots undertaking physical tasks
in large-scale environments with the possibility of taking part in the
process of data collection. However, the considered environments are
prone to uncertainty, ambiguity and incompleteness given their dynamic
and evolving nature.

The aims of the workshop are:
- To present both state-of-the-art results and work in progress in the
area of distributed sensing in the context of robotic and sensor
networks integration,
- To foster multi-disciplinary collaborations between researchers
working on different topics: WSN (Wireless Sensors Network), robotic,
disaster management, etc ... thus forming a base for future

This workshop will focus on the tight integration of sensors-robots
and information systems during the rescue process. Topics that are of
special interest include but are not limited to:
- Distributed information gathering with sensors and robots,
- Information systems for disaster management including Spatial
Decision Support Systems (SDDS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
and participatory GIS
- GIS-based approaches for controlling robots, Advanced data
management with mobile robots and sensors, GIS spatial representation
for robotic systems,
- Trust enhancement infrastructure for information gathering during a
disaster, Co-design of communication and control protocols for
robot-sensor interaction,
- Role of robots and sensors in disaster and emergency management processes.

The primary audience of the proposed workshop is intended to be
researchers and practitioners both from academia and industry with an
interest on integration robots, sensors and information systems in the
context of disaster or emergency management. In addition, researchers
and practitioners from related communities (disaster management, SDDS,
GIS) will find this workshop quite useful.

## Program
- 9:00-9:20 Short Paper :  Reza Nourjou, Michinori Hatayama, Stephen
F. Smith, Atabak Sadeghi and Pedro Szekely, **Design of a GIS-based
Assistant Software Agent for the Incident Commander to Coordinate
Emergency Response Operations**
- 9:20-9:40 Short Paper : Konstantinos Charalampous, Ioannis
Kostavelis, Dimitrios Chrysostomou,  Angelos Amanatiadis and Antonios
Gasteratos, **3D Maps Registration and Path Planning for Autonomous
Robot Navigation**
- 9:40-10:40 Keynote : Prof. Hajime Asama (The University of Tokyo),
**Robot & Remote-Controlled Machine Technology toward Social
Resilience against Disasters**
- 10:40-11:10 Coffee break
- 11:10-11:40 Full Paper : Congduc Pham, Mamour Diop and Ousmane
Thiare, **Selecting source image sensor nodes based on 2-hop
information to improve image transmissions to mobile robot sinks in
search & rescue operations**
- 11:40-12:10 Full Paper :  Tohru Ishii, Yasutake Takahashi, Yoichiro
Maeda and Takayuki Nakamura, **Tethered Flying Robot for Information
Gathering System**
- 12:10-12:40 Full Paper :  Noritaka Sato, Masataka Ito and Fumitoshi
Matsuno, **Teleoperation System Using Past Image Records Considering
Narrow Communication Band**

- 12:40-13:40 Lunch

- 13:40-14:00 Short paper : Tomofumi Fujiwara, Tetsushi Kamegawa and
Akio Gofuku, **Evaluation of Plane Detection with RANSAC According to
Density of 3D Point Clouds**
- 14:00-15:00 Keynote : Prof. Richard Voyles (Purdue University)
- 15:00-15:30 Coffee break
- 15:30-16:00 Full Paper : Eduardo Feo Flushing, Luca Gambardella and
Gianni Di Caro, **Strategic Control of Proximity Relationships in
Heterogeneous Search and Rescue Teams**
- 16:00-16:30 Full Paper : David Espes, Ana Pistea, Charles Canaff,
Ioana Iordache, Philippe Le Parc and Emanuel Radoi, **New Method for
Localization and Human Being Detection using UWB Technology: Helpful
Solution for Rescue Robots**
- 16:30-17:00  Full Paper : Vaibhav Kumar Mehta and Filippo
Arrichiello, **Connectivity maintenance by robotic Mobile Ad-hoc

## Organization committee
- Fumitoshi Matsuno, Kyoto University, Japan
- Congduc Pham, LIUPPA, Université de Pau, France
- Serge Stinckwich, UCBN & UMI UMMISCO (IRD/UPMC), France

## Program committee
- Andreas Birk, Jacobs University, Germany
- Geert De Cubber, Royal Military Academy, Belgium
- Michinori Hatayama, DPRI, Kyoto University, Japan
- Tetsushi Kamegawa, Okayama University, Japan
- Robin Murphy, Texas A&M University, USA
- Hiroaki Nakanishi, Kyoto University, Japan
- Daniele Nardi, Sapienza Universita di Roma, Italy
- Itsuki Noda, AIST, Japan
- Koichi Osuka, Osaka University, Japan
- Masahiko Onosato, Hokkaido University, Japan
- Ye-Qiong Song, LORIA, France
- Satoshi Tadokoro, Tohoku University, Japan
- Richard Voyles, Denver University, USA

Serge Stinckwich
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