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Jorge Solis solis at ieee.org
Mon Nov 4 15:52:15 PST 2013

Dear colleagues,

We have been notified that quite a number of prospective authors are at another conference right now and have had to prioritise preparation of their presentations for that conference.
In this light, we have decided to extend the deadline for abstract submissions to November 15. Submission link:
More detailed information about the conference can be found on the conference website:

There is still a possibility to propose topics for mini-symposia (“special tracks”) that can either be by invitation, with open submission, or a combination of these.

Please note that Erik Lundqvist from “Robot Valley”, a major Swedish initiative in the field of robotics, has joined as industrial chair. We would welcome in particular papers from industrialists on advanced applications of Mechatronics. For such papers, an abstract of less than 300 words will suffice as long as the topic and content are clear.

		The 14th Mechatronics Forum International Conference
				Mechatronics 2014
		     June 16-18, Karlstad University, Sweden ==========================================================================================

Call for abstracts

We are happy to announce that abstract submission for Mechatronics 2014 is now open. The abstract submission deadline is November 1, 2013. Full papers for accepted abstracts are due January 17. For more information please visit the Mechatronics 2014 website.
Abstracts and submission
What the abstract should contain: 
- Paper title
- Authors’ names and their affiliation as well as their e-mail addresses
- A summary of the paper in about 300-400 words
- The corresponding author should be identified clearly
- Optional: Keywords. These can help the chairs to identify alternative tracks for your paper; in particular useful if you submit the paper to the track “Other Topics”.

Submission link: click here or go to www.kau.se/mechatronics-2014. If you do not yet have an EasyChair account, then you will have to sign up for an account. Please submit your abstract to one of the tracks mentioned under “Scope of the conference” below. Do not submit the same abstract to more than one track; e-mail the chairs if you want your abstract to be moved to another track.
We would welcome in particular papers from industrialists on advanced applications of Mechatronics. For such papers, an abstract of less than 300 words will suffice as long as the topic and content are clear. The final paper (which could also be shorter than regular scientific papers) should however be free of commercialism although company names and product names or trademarks can be included. 

Scope of the conference

The scope of this conference covers any of the mechatronics disciplines, in particular but not exclusively: 

- Controlled mechanical systems, robots, and adaptronics: modelling and simulation, control, sensing and image processing, path planning and gait control, haptic rendering.
- Drives and actuators: employing electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or other principles; novel or very advanced solutions, their modelling, simulation and control and novel applications.
- Sensors, measurement systems and signal processing, pattern recognition: novel sensor principles, sensors and actuators in micro- and nano-systems, sensing of small quantities, biosensors, sensor systems, wireless sensing, sensor fusion, information fusion.
- Control of mechatronic systems: new and advanced control algorithms, learning control, control in an information rich world, control of complex processes. 
- Industrial wireless communications in mechatronics : wireless sensor and actuator networks, wireless networked control systems, cloud robotics.
- Mechatronic design: case studies, model based mechatronic design, system modelling, e.g. by UML or SysML, mechatronic design aspects of large complex systems
- Mechatronic education: teaching of mechatronic aspects, mechatronic curricula, unconventional courses.
- Embodied robotics: Biologically inspired robots, autonomous robots, cognitive robotics. 
- Human-robot interaction: cobots, mechatronic solutions to support an ageing population, interdisciplinary collaboration in mechatronic design, operator roles in complex mechatronic systems, mechatronics in healthcare and surgery. 
- Mechatronics in manufacturing: mechatronics in manufacturing systems, sensors and diagnostics, model based service and maintenance, control. 
- Mechatronics in forestry and agriculture: automation and walking robots in forestry, agricultural automation and robots, precision agriculture.
- Mechatronics in heavy and process industry: control of paper mills, paper printing, food processing and packaging.
- Mechatronics in hazardous and difficult environments: underwat er robotics, nuclear plant maintenance, mine detection.
- Mechatronics & Design for All: mechatronic design for all strategies, concepts and methods. Impact of mechatronics and design for all on the utilisation of housing and housing stock.
- Advanced industrial applications of mechatronics: In particular, papers by industrialists would be welcomed.
- Mechatronics for environmental sustainability: energy harvesting and utilisation, environmental monitoring, energy optimisation.
- Other topics related to mechatronics.
Looking forward to your abstracts and your participation in the conference,

Leo J De Vin
Jorge Solis
Amos Ng
Erik Lundqvist
Conference chairs

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