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Silvia Coradeschi Silvia.Coradeschi at oru.se
Tue Nov 5 05:32:41 PST 2013

1-3 Research Fellows Positions in Robotics (Sweden)

To further strengthen the research in robotics at Örebro university, Sweden 1 to 3 career-building research positions aimed at promising researchers and future research leaders are now announced. The positions are for 4 years with the possibility to apply for permanent positions at the end of the period. The researchers will be part of the strong research environment AASS (see http://www.oru.se/aass/) that performs multidisciplinary research in autonomous systems with a focus on their perceptual and cognitive capabilities and their integration.  Appointments are due in Spring 2014.

Please send your application to  Silvia.Coradeschi at oru.se<mailto:Silvia.Coradeschi at oru.se>.

Silvia Coradeschi


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