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Becker Jan (CR/RTC1.1-NA CC/PJ-FA2) Jan.Becker at us.bosch.com
Sun Nov 10 10:07:02 PST 2013

Bosch R&D in Palo Alto, California, USA is looking for excellent candidates with expertise in building up robotic hardware and research vehicles for a position in the automated driving team.

Degree Level: B.S. or higher with a minimum of 3 years of job related experience

Major(s): Engineering, Computer Science or a related field

Your Duties and Tasks
- Build up and instrument robotic hardware
- Maintain and build up test vehicle for research and development of driver assistance and autonomous driving functions
- Maintain vehicle hardware and software infrastructure, including but not limited to mounting of sensors, wiring, implementation of computer interfaces, and diagnostics of robotic systems

Skills/Job Requirements
- Mechatronics or mechanical engineering experience
- Minimum of 3 years of requires job related experience
- Proven familiarity with automotive/robotic systems, controls, wiring, and computer hardware
- Experience with sensors such as radar, lidar, and video sensors
- Proficiency with low-level programming and large C++ projects is essential
- Demonstrated ability to work within a highly motivated team environment as well as capacity to work independently
- Excellent communication skills and proven ability to multitask and deliver on challenging development tasks
- Familiarity with the CAN bus interface a plus
- Experience with software communication frameworks a plus, e.g. with ROS or ADTF
- A passion for robots and/or vehicles

Details and Online Application:

Jan Becker

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