[robotics-worldwide] [CFP] ICAPS 2014 - 24th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling

Neil Yorke-Smith nysmith at aub.edu.lb
Mon Sep 2 12:22:02 PDT 2013

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          -- Call for Papers --

   The 24th International Conference on
     Automated Planning and Scheduling



           June 21-26, 2014
	 Portsmouth, NH, USA

Technical paper submission deadline: October 29 (abstracts)
	  		   	     November 5 (papers)

Special tracks: Robotics
	       	Novel Applications
		Journal Paper Presentations


This year's program committee welcomes papers that address planning
and scheduling problems of all kinds, including but not limited to:

   * continuous state and action spaces
   * uncertainty and stochasticity
   * partially observable and unobservable domains
   * learning
   * multi-agent and distributed systems
   * on-line and real-time domains
   * continuous and lifelong planning
   * plan management and goal reasoning
   * commercial applications

Relevant contributions include, but are not limited to :

   * Analytic and empirical studies of planning and scheduling problems
     as well as algorithms for solving them;

   * Studies applying automated planning and scheduling technologies to
     real problems and descriptions of deployed applications;

   * Techniques that extend the complexity and the types of problems that
     can be solved with current techniques; and

   * Analytic and implemented tools for supporting automated planning and

We particularly welcome papers that bring into planning and scheduling
useful computational technologies from other areas of AI/CS.

Following recent editions of ICAPS, authors may submit long (8 pages
plus up to one page of references) or short (4 pages plus up to one
page of references) papers.

There will be three special tracks this year:

   * Robotics: including planning and scheduling at the level of teams,
     tasks, behaviors, motions, and controls; autonomous or
     mixed-initiative systems; formal methods and fielded systems

   * Novel Applications: including emerging and deployed applications,
     case studies and lessons learned

   * Journal Paper Presentations: work relevant to ICAPS that has
     appeared recently but has not been presented at a major AI

Further information about the special tracks will be posted on the
conference website.

For more information, see icaps14.icaps-conference.org.

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