[robotics-worldwide] Postdoc in Denmark: Biomedical Engineering and Biological Signal Processing

John Hallam rww at lists.hallam.dk
Mon Sep 2 23:36:58 PDT 2013

Position:  A 2 year Post Doc position in Odense, Denmark
Deadline:  1st October 2013

The Biomedical Engineering and Biological Signal Processing group at
the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute is currently working on creative
and innovative ideas in the fields of efficient and robust
micro-robots and medical implants deployment in Biomedical Engineering
applications, probabilistic protocols for node localization in both
homogeneous and heterogeneous wave transmission media, and
probabilistic distributed systems in general. The main challenge is to
design and deploy robust and low-power micro-robots and medical
implants with sensing and localization abilities in environments such
as inside human body, where the wave transmission medium is highly

See this link[1] for fuller details.  You can also find the advert via
the SDU main web site[2].

[1] https://ssl1.peoplexs.com/Peoplexs22/CandidatesPortalNoLogin/Vacancy.cfm?PortalID=12495&VacatureID=596599&Vacancy=Readvertisement:%20Postdoc%20in%20Biomedical%20Engineering%20and%20%3Cbr%3EBiological%20Signal%20Processing#top

[2] http://www.sdu.dk/en/servicenavigation/right/ledige_stillinger

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