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Schaal Stefan sschaal at usc.edu
Wed Sep 11 07:58:32 PDT 2013

Dear robotics-worldwide subscriber,

  given that robotics-worldwide is close to reaching 10,000 members, and increasingly more traffic comes over this list, we added a new categorization of postings to robotics-worldwide. From now on, each message needs to have one (or more) of the following tags at the beginning of the subject line:


Postings without one of these tags will be automatically rejected. 

These tags will allow you to customize which messages you wish to receive in one of two ways:
a) you can use your own mail filters to search for these tags and accept/reject postings
b) you can follow http://duerer.usc.edu/mailman/options.cgi/robotics-worldwide and customize your options of robotics-worldwide to only receive messages from one or more of these topics.

NOTE: you do not need to do anything if you wish to receive all postings to robotics-worldwide

We hope this will help to customize the traffic you receive from this email list.

Best wishes,

The Moderators of robotics-worldwide
(Jan Peters, Michael Mistry, Stefan Schaal)

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