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Adam Spiers Adam.Spiers at brl.ac.uk
Thu Sep 12 03:32:56 PDT 2013


The International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR) welcomes 
conceptual or practical submissions to the robot design competition, 
based around the theme of companionship.

++++++ New Submission Deadline: 20th September 2013, 23:59 GMT++++++
****update***: Please note that only written descriptions and initial 
sketches / proposed concepts etc. need to be submitted by the September 
If a submission is accepted then accompanying posters, prototypes, 
detailed plans, performances etc. will not have to be prepared until the 
conference presentation session in October.


Can a robot offer companionship? Could a robot friend be your 
confidante, your wing-man, your ally or your last defence against 

 From KITT and K9 to Scutters and Siri; robot friends, pets, helpers and 
even lovers have captured our Sci-fi imaginations for many years. As 
technologies advance to make the dream of a robot buddy increasingly 
realisable, we want you to give us your perspective on what a 
modern/near future robot companion might be.

This year the ICSR robot design competition welcomes applicants from any 
background and in whatever format best suits your idea and your 
practice. Submissions may include posters, videos, prototypes, models, 
puppets, performances, sculpture etc. and need not feature technical 
details. The only constraint is that your idea is centred on the theme 
of companionship and can be presented to the conference audience in a 
busy room during an hour long session. We are looking for ideas for 
creating future robots that people will want to spend time with in a 
social sense, and the benefits that such robots may give to society or 

One person from each of the top 10 selected designs will be invited to 
attend half of a day of the conference (registration fees waived) to 
present their ideas. Following the presentation, conference attendees 
will vote for the top three entries, all of whom will receive 
certificates and prizes from our sponsors IET Robotics & MechatronIcs 
TPN <http://www.theiet.org/>.

* First Prize:     £400
* Second Prize:    £200
* Third Prize:     £100

Each submission will need to be accompanied by a (maximum) 2 page 
summary including a concise abstract/synopsis of a maximum of 50 words.

For further details, submission instructions and a downloadable flyer 
(click on the image) to post to your colleagues and students please 
visit: http://www.icsr2013.org.uk/competition.php

The robot design competition is jointly run by Bristol Robotics 
Laboratory <http://www.brl.ac.uk>and Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio 

The International Conference on Social Robotics will be held in Bristol, 
UK, on 27th - 29th October 2013

Queries may be addressed to Adam Spiers - adam.spiers at brl.ac.uk

Dr. Adam Spiers
Research Associate
Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL)
Tel: +44(0)117 328 6375
Skype: ad_ontheroad

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