[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Post-doc position at LAAS-CNRS, Gepetto Group, Toulouse, France

Nicolas Mansard nmansard at laas.fr
Tue Sep 17 11:38:08 PDT 2013

Post-doc position in motion generation for the digital human
(Nicolas Mansard and Alain Micaelli)

This project aims to create a framework to generate realistic dynamic 
movements with a complex model of the human body. The objective is to be 
able to predict the muscle activation for virtual prototyping (improve 
the ergonomics of work station or of operator gesture in manufacturing), 
for health (rehabilitation, pre-op study, prosthesis) or for 
entertainment (video games, cinema). The project is between the fields 
of robotics (control of humanoid robots) that brings the expertise in 
dynamics motion generation, computer graphics (simulation of dynamics 
environment, springs and contact) and bio-mechanics (human 
musculo-skeletal anatomy). It will be built upon the software for 
dynamics simulation (XDE) and control (SOT) developed in the partner 

- PhD degree in EE/CS, control or applied mathematics
- Experience in robotics or computer animation
- Good programming skills in C/C++
- A strong mathematical background is desirable

Located in the University town of Toulouse, in the south-west of France, 
the Gepetto group belongs to the CNRS-LAAS (Laboratory for the analysis 
and architecture of systems) laboratory, a 640 man strong research 
center with about 100 people working in robotics. It benefits from 
strong connections to the adjoining universities and the space and 
aeronautics industry. The candidate will work in close collaboration 
with the CEA-LIST, located near Paris.

Send an email to Nicolas Mansard (nmansard at laas.fr) and Alain Micaelli 
(alain.micaelli at cea.fr) with:
- a CV
- a brief description of your research interests
- the two most relevant publications
- the email addresses or a recommendation letter of at least two references

C. Collette, A. Micaelli, C. Andriot, and P. Lemerle, Dynamic balance 
control of humanoids for multiple grasps and non coplanar frictional 
contacts, IEEE Conference on Humanoid Robot, Dec 2007
Tendon-driven control of biomechanical and robotic systems: A 
path-integral reinforcement learning approach, E. Rombokas, E. 
Theodorou, M. Malhotra, E. Todorov and Y. Matsuoka, IEEE ICRA, May 2011
Synthesis and stabilization of complex behaviors through online 
trajectory optimization, Y. Tassa, T. Erez and E. Todorov, IEEE IROS, 
Oct 2012
L. Saab, O. E. Ramos, F. Keith, N. Mansard, P. Souères, J.-Y. Fourquet, 
Dynamic Whole-Body Motion Generation under Rigid Contacts and other 
Unilateral Constraints, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 29:2, pp. 
346--362, Apr 2013

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