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The Intersection of Robust Intelligence and Trust in Autonomous Systems AAAI Spring Symposium Series 2014


October 4, 2013: Submission of Abstracts due to organizers.

October 18, 2013: Submission of both short (2 pages) papers and long (6-8 pages) papers.

November 1, 2013: Notifications of acceptance sent by organizers.

January 17, 2014: Accepted camera-ready copy due to AAAI.

March 24-26, 2014: Symposium meeting at Stanford University

This AAAI symposium will explore the intersection of robust intelligence (RI) and trust across multiple contexts among autonomous hybrid systems (where hybrids are arbitrary combinations of humans, machines and robots). We seek methods for structuring teams or networks that increase robust intelligence and engender trust among a system of agents. But how can we determine the questions critical to the static and dynamic aspects of behavior and metrics of agent performance?

To better manage RI with AI to promote trust in autonomous agents and teams, our interest is in the theory, mathematics, computational models, and field applications at the intersection of RI and trust, not only in team-multitasking effectiveness or in modeling RI networks, but in the efficiency and trust engendered among interactants.

We seek to understand the intersection of RI and trust for humans interacting with systems (for example, teams, firms, networks), to use this information with AI to model RI and trust, and to predict outcomes from interactions among hybrids (for example, multitasking operations).
Systems that learn, adapt, and apply experience to problems may be better suited to respond to novel environmental challenges. One could argue that such systems are "robust" to the prospect of a dynamic and occasionally unpredictable world. We expect systems that exhibit robustness would afford a greater degree of trust in hybrids that interact with the system. Robustness through learning, adaptation and structure is determined by predicting and modeling the interactions of autonomous hybrid enterprises. How can we use this data to develop models indicative of normal/abnormal operations in a given context? We hypothesize such models improve enterprise intelligence by allowing autonomous entities to continually adapt within normalcy bounds, leading to greater reliability and trust.

The focus of this symposium is how robust intelligence impacts trust in the system and how trust in the system impacts robustness. We will explore approaches to RI and trust including (for example): intelligent networks, intelligent agents, and intelligent multitasking by hybrids.
Papers should address "The intersection of robust intelligence (RI) and trust in autonomous systems," and specify the relevance of their topic to AI or how AI can be used to help address their issue.

We are most interested in efforts that explore the intersection of robust intelligence and trust. Some representative topics of interest are:

*  Applications of robot mediated trust.
            *  Human-robot aspects of trust and robust intelligence.
            *  Using trust to reason about uncertainty.
*  Representations for modeling and predicting the behavior of other robots or people.
*  Learning and applying knowledge to new situations involving trust.
*  Methods for enhancing relationship robustness
*  Methods for repairing trust
            *  Applications related to cooperative and/or competitive decision-making


The symposium will consist of paper presentations, invited talks, and breakout sessions. Interested participants may submit: (1) regular papers (8 pages in the AAAI format); or (2) abstracts 2 pages in length (AAAI format). Submit papers via email by sending them to: W.F. Lawless (Paine College, wlawless at paine.edu<mailto:wlawless at paine.edu>

For more information, please consult the supplemental symposium website: sites.google.com/site/aaairobustintelligence


Jennifer Burke (Boeing, jennifer.l.burke2 at boeing.com<mailto:jennifer.l.burke2 at boeing.com>)
Alan Wagner (Georgia Tech Research Institute, Alan.Wagner at gtri.gatech.edu<mailto:Alan.Wagner at gtri.gatech.edu>)
Don Sofge (Naval Research Laboratory, don.sofge at nrl.navy.mil<mailto:don.sofge at nrl.navy.mil>)
W.F. Lawless (Paine College, wlawless at paine.edu<mailto:wlawless at paine.edu>)

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