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Mon Apr 7 13:42:03 PDT 2014

Ph.D. in Bio-inspired Robotics and Sensing Applied to Remotely Operated
Robotic Arms

In recent years, significant advances were made in the field of
bio-inspired sensing (with application to robotics). Among other
achievements, researchers have managed to emulate the electric sensing
capacities of weakly electric fish. The developed technology was
successfully applied to enhance unmanned vehicles' perception of their
environment. The Bio-inspired Robotics Group at IRCCyN has played a key
role in such developments, in particular through the European FET project

In parallel, the last decades have seen a rapid development of technologies
related to remotely operated robotics. The Interactive Robotics Laboratory
(LRI, part of CEA LIST) has been a prominent contributor to this field, in
particular through its work on remotely operated robotic arms. Applications
of interest involve manipulation in hostile environments, where the
operator uses a master arm (from a safe location) to remotely control
movements of a slave arm (operating in a hazardous environment).

Some of the more stringent limitations of remotely operated robotics
technology are directly linked to difficulties in providing the operator
with a complete and detailed representation of the remotely operated arm's
direct environment. The offered research project proposes to transcend such
limitations through the use of novel, bio-inspired sensing modalities, in
particular that of the aforementioned electric sense. In practice, an
active electric sensor will be used to generate an electric field around
the remotely operated arm. Presence of foreign objects (obstacles) within
this field will be detected, and the user made aware of detection through
adjustment of the force feedback response of the master arm. Applications
considered include robotic arms operating in (typically turbid) water, but
also in the air.

This Ph.D. position provides an excellent opportunity for an outstanding,
motivated student, with a strong background in robotics and sensing, to
work, learn and develop in direct contact with research groups
internationally recognized in the field of bio-inspired robotics and
remotely operated robotics. Candidates with background in automatic control
theory, dynamical system theory, and/or applied mechatronics will receive
special consideration.

Franck Geffard

DIGITEO Labs - Bâtiment 660
Rue Noetzlin, 91190 GIF-SUR-YVETTE

*Voice*: (+33) 1 69 08 07 84
*Email*: franck.geffard at cea.fr
Host University / Graduate School

Nantes, Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de Mathématiques
(STIM) - Nantes
Thesis Supervisor

Frédéric Boyer

Ecole des Mines de Nantes
4, rue Alfred Kastler, BP 20722
44307 NANTES Cedex 3

*Voice*: (+33) 2 51 85 83 08
*Email*: frederic.boyer at mines-nantes.fr

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