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Volume 37 Number 1 of Autonomous Robots is now available at the
SpringerLink website (http://link.springer.com/journal/10514/37/1)
and in print. SpringerLink allows free access to all paper abstracts.
Full access (PDF) is by individual or institutional subscription.

The accompanying blog (http://www.autonomousrobotsblog.com/) and
YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/AUROblog) include additional
multimedia content about articles published in Autonomous Robots.

Autonomous Robots 37(1) Table of Contents

Online decentralized information gathering with spatial–temporal
Seng Keat Gan, Robert Fitch & Salah Sukkarieh

Synthetic data generation for classification via uni-modal
cluster interpolation
Eric J. Coyle, Rodney G. Roberts, Emmanuel G. Collins & Adrian Barbu

Policy learning for autonomous feature tracking
Daniele Magazzeni, Frédéric Py, Maria Fox, Derek Long & Kanna Rajan

Design and implementation of a new teleoperation control mode for
differential drive UGVs
Petter Ögren, Peter Svenmarck, Patrik Lif, Martin Norberg
& Nils Emil Söderbäck

Detection of robustly collision-free trajectories in unpredictable
environments in real-time
Rayomand Vatcha & Jing Xiao

A comparison of learning strategies for biologically constrained
development of gaze control on an iCub robot
Patricia Shaw, James Law & Mark Lee

Gaurav S. Sukhatme
Autonomous Robots

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