[robotics-worldwide] [journals] Robotica 32(2) - Special DARS Issue

Gregory Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Thu Apr 3 08:52:36 PDT 2014

Volume 32 Part 2 March 2014

Introduction, Gregory Chirikjian                                                         175

Synthesis and analysis of distributed ensemble control strategies for allocation
to multiple tasks, T. William Mather and M. Ani Hsieh                                 177

Distributed Particle Swarm Optimization for limited-time adaptation with
real robots, Ezequiel Di Mario and Alcherio Martinoli                                 193

Cohesion and segregation in swarm navigation, Vinicius Graciano  Santos
and Luiz Chaimowicz                                                                            209

searchUCSG: a fast coalition structure search algorithm for modular robot
reconfi guration under uncertainty, Ayan Dutta, Prithviraj Dasgupta,
José Baca and Carl Nelson                                                                 225

Tension distribution shaping via reconfi gurable attachment in planar
mobile cable robots, Xiaobo Zhou, Seung-kook Jun and  Venkat Krovi                 245

Distributed coverage with mobile robots on a graph: locational optimization
And equal-mass partitioning, Seung-kook Yun and Daniela Rus                         257

Distributed amorphous ramp construction in unstructured environments,
Nils Napp and Radhika Nagpal                                                         279

AUV behavior recognition using behavior histograms, HMMs, and CRFs,
Michael Novitzky, Charles Pippin, Thomas R. Collins, Tucker R. Balch
and Michael E. West                                                                 291

Stochastic optimal enhancement of distributed formation control using Kalman
smoothers, Ross P. Anderson and Dejan Milutinovi´c                                 305

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