[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Deadline Extension: AAAI Workshop on Multiagent Interaction without Prior Coordination

Somchaya Liemhetcharat liemhet-s at i2r.a-star.edu.sg
Thu Apr 10 04:32:36 PDT 2014

Workshop on Multiagent Interaction without Prior Coordination (MIPC 2014)
        At the 28th Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-14)
             Website: http://conferences.inf.ed.ac.uk/mipc2014

This workshop focuses on models and algorithms for multiagent interaction
without prior coordination (MIPC). Interaction between agents is the
defining attribute of multiagent systems, encompassing problems of planning
in a decentralized setting, learning other agent models, composing teams
with high task performance, and selected resource-bounded communication and
coordination. There is significant variety in methodologies used to solve
such problems, including symbolic reasoning about negotiation and
argumentation, distributed optimization methods, machine learning methods
such as multiagent reinforcement learning, etc. The majority of these
well studied methods depend on some form of prior coordination. Often, the
coordination is at the level of problem definition, e.g., learning
algorithms may assume that all agents share a common learning method or
prior beliefs, distributed optimization methods may assume specific
structural constraints regarding the partition of state space or
cost/rewards, and symbolic methods often make strong assumptions regarding
norms and protocols. In realistic problems, these assumptions are easily
violated - calling for new models and algorithms that specifically address
the case of ad hoc interactions. Similar issues are also becoming
increasingly more pertinent in human-machine interactions, where there is a
need for intelligent adaptive behaviour and assumptions regarding prior
knowledge and communication are problematic. The community of researchers
addressing such issues is diverse, drawing on many different speciality
areas and corresponding methods. The goal of this workshop is to bring
together these diverse viewpoints in an attempt to consolidate the common
ground and identify new lines of attack.


The workshop will discuss research related to multiagent interaction
without prior coordination, as outlined in the workshop description above.
A non-exclusive list of relevant topics includes:

   - Learning and adaptation in multiagent systems without prior
   - Agent coordination and cooperation without prior coordination
   - Team formation and information sharing in ad hoc settings
   - Teammate/opponent modelling and plan recognition
   - Human-machine interaction without prior coordination
   - Game theory/incomplete information applied to ad hoc agent coordination

*Important Dates*

   - Submission deadline: *April 17, 2014 (extended)*
   - Notification of acceptance: May 8, 2014
   - Camera-ready copies: May 15, 2014
   - Workshop: July 28, 2014

*Submission Details*
Papers can be submitted by April 17, 2014 to EasyChair:

The workshop follows the formatting guidelines for standard paper
submissions to the AAAI-14 main track. See here for details:

Papers will be selected based on a double-blind peer review process. Please
avoid including any information in the paper that would identify the
authors or their institutions.


Program chairs:

   - Stefano Albrecht (The University of Edinburgh)
   - Samuel Barrett (The University of Texas at Austin)
   - Jacob Crandall (Masdar Institute of Science and Technology)
   - Somchaya Liemhetcharat (Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR,

Advisory committee:

   - Subramanian Ramamoorthy (The University of Edinburgh)
   - Peter Stone (The University of Texas at Austin)
   - Manuela Veloso (Carnegie Mellon University)

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