[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] CFP - RSS Workshop on Optimization techniques for motion generation in robotics

Katja Mombaur katja.mombaur at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Apr 17 10:57:30 PDT 2014

                                         Call for Contributions
RSS Workshop on Optimization techniques for motion generation in robotics

We would like to invite you to submit your contributions for poster 
at our RSS Workshop on Optimization techniques for motion generation in 

More information about the workshop:
***  www.orb.uni-hd.de/conferences-workshops/RSS2014

Adrien Escande, JRL CNRS / AIST Tsukuba
Katja Mombaur, University of Heidelberg

Workshop date: July 12, 2014 (Full day workshop)
Submission deadline : April 30, 2014
Notification of acceptance May 8, 2014

Please submit your 1-2 page abstracts to kmombaur at uni-hd.de

Workshop Summary:

Numerical optimization and optimal control algorithms have become more and
more powerful in recent years which also made them increasingly 
interesting to
generate motions in robotics. Optimization provides the possibility to 
easily handle
  redundant mechanisms, to assign the degrees of freedom of the robot to 
and possibly concurrent tasks, to enforce hard constraints corresponding 
to physical
limitations, etc., to name just a few.  Optimization is used in numerous 
schemes for
generalized inverse kinematics, linear and non-linear control, direct 
and inverse
optimal control, trajectory optimization, planning, etc., with already 
  achievements. However, the increasing complexity of robot models and 
and the need for fast computations still yield hard challenges and call 
for many more

There are an important number of optimization algorithms and numerous 
ways to
formulate a robotics problem. Efficient, state-of-the-art motion 
generation methods
are the result of a careful choice of both the formulation and the 
solver, possibly
tailoring the optimization methods for the specific problem class.

The goal of this workshop is to give, via a mix of invited talks, 
posters and discussions,
an overview of optimization tools and techniques used in robotics and 
the variety of
  applications. We plan to gather roboticists who require optimization 
methods for
their robots or have already developed dedicated algorithms for robotic 
and researchers from the optimization community have already applied their
algorithms to robotics problems or are interested in doing so.

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