[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] 3DV 2014 call for workshop proposals (Due May 1st)

Daniel Huber dhuber at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Apr 23 13:34:42 PDT 2014

*Call for Workshops*

The 2^nd International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV2014)Organizing 
Committee invites proposals for workshops to be held in conjunctionwith 
3DV2014in Tokyo, Japan,December 8^th -- 11^th , 2014. The workshops will 
take place on December 8^th , 2014. The scope of the proposal should be 
consistent as possible with the conference themes as described on the 
conference homepage at http://www.3dv.org/.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


  * 3D cameras and sensors
  * Real-time 3D systems
  * Automated view planning
  * 3D sensor calibration
  * Image-based modeling
  * Shape-from-X
  * Shape and appearance modeling
  * 4D capture


  * Image and video-based rendering
  * Interactive modeling
  * Augmented and mixed reality
  * 3D printing and rapid prototyping
  * Psychophysics of 3D sensing


  * Scene analysis
  * Geometric signal processing
  * Multi-resolution 3D representations
  * 3D shape retrieval and recognition
  * Shape analysis and morphology
  * 3D compression and transmission


  * Reverse engineering
  * Dimensional inspection & metrology
  * Cultural heritage & architecture
  * Medical visualization and analysis
  * Urban modeling
  * Robotics
  * 3D television
  * 3D tele-immersion
  * Forensics and security

Workshops provide an informal setting where the participants have the 
opportunity to discuss cutting-edge research issues and emerging topics 
in 3D vision technology in an atmosphere that fosters the active 
exchange of ideas. We hope to bring together researchers from different 
academic communities as well as from industry or public institutions. 
Each workshop should be well-focused, and encourage collaboration and 
discussions among the participants. Workshop duration may be between a 
half day and a full day. Workshops may consist of talks by invited 
speakers, panel discussions, presentations by authors of contributed 
papers, or a combination of the above. Workshops may take a combined 
reviewing procedure: a rejected main conference paper has an option to 
be considered as a workshop paper if its authors wish to.


*Important Dates:*

·*Workshop proposal deadline: *May 1st, 2014**

·Workshop acceptance notification: May 15th, 2014

·Workshop Call for Papers (to be ready on the web): May 30th, 2014

·(Suggested) Workshop paper submission deadline: August 31, 2014

·(Suggested)Workshop paper acceptance notification: September 30th, 2014

·Workshop paper camera-ready deadline: October 10th, 2014

·Workshop dates: December 8th, 2014**




*Workshop Logistics*

Workshop organizers are responsible of the scientific organization and 
advertising of the event. Logistic and financial aspects are handled by 
the 3DV2014organization. Workshop organizers can decide on their own 
deadlines for submission and reviews, but they must comply with the 
overall 3DV2014 rules, particularly:

§papers must be peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers;

§papers must comply with the 3DV2014proceedings style (i.e., IEEE 
format)and have a maximum length of 8pages; and

§the deadline for camera-ready submission is October 10th, 2014.

/Workshops will benefit from the registration process of /3DV2014/. All 
workshop participants are required to register for the main conference. 
During registration, the participants will specify which workshop(s) 
they are going to attend. Each seminar room has the capacity to 
accommodate up to 40~50 people./

Workshop papers that are presented at the workshop are planned to be 
published by Conference Publishing Services (CPS) and submitted to IEEE 
Xplore and CSDL.//

    Conference and workshop papers will be distributed via memory sticks
    for the participants. Therefore, workshop organizers are responsible
    for collecting all the accepted papers and ensuring the proper
    IEEEformat before October 10th, 2014.


/*Policy regarding *//*our combined reviewing procedure*/////

/Each workshop has two ways to receive paper submissions: workshop only 
and via the main conference. Submissions via the main conference follow 
the policy below. W//hen a paper is submitted to the main conference, 
the authors //choose //if they would //like //the paper to //be 
considered as a paper of //one of the workshops//in case the paper is 
rejected by the main conference//.//Once the paper is accepted by the 
main conference, the paper will be automatically withdrawn from //its 
connected//workshop. //Papers rejected by the main conference that are 
connected with a workshop by the authors will be automatically passed to 
the workshop. //After the main conference paper acceptance notification, 
workshop organizers can access reviews and consolidations of //those 
papers that are passed to the workshop//.Workshop organizers can then 
decide how many additional "workshop-specific" reviewers are needed to 
review each of those papers (Note: it is recommended to have at the 
least one "workshop-specific" reviewer to assess each paper). Finally, 
workshop organizers may decide whether to accept or reject those papers 
by taking into account all the available reviews.///

    Submitting a Proposal

Proposals for workshops should be between two and five pages in length, 
and should includethe following information:

  * Contact information of the workshop organizers (name, affiliations,
    e-mail, fax, and telephone)
  * A short technical description of the workshop (title,
    goals/motivation, discussion of why the topic is of particular
    interest, and to whom the workshop is of interest)
  * A description of the workshop format, the potential invited speakers
    (if any, funding to be organized by workshop organizers),
    andduration of the workshop (full day or half day)
  * The expected number of participants, the estimated number of
    submissions and an anticipated acceptance rate
  * A description of the qualifications of the individual committee
    members with respect to organizing the workshop
  * If available, the number of submitted/accepted papers and
    approximate attendance numbers for the past editions of the workshop
  * A preliminary call for papers
  * Declaration of whether or not our combined reviewing procedure is used.

Each proposal should be submitted by email to the 3DV2014 workshop 
chairs, Akihiro Sugimoto (sugimoto at nii.ac.jp 
<mailto:sugimoto at nii.ac.jp>)and Daniel Huber (dhuber at cs.cmu.edu 
<mailto:dhuber at cs.cmu.edu>). The proposals will be peer reviewed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are looking 
forward to receiving your proposals.

The 3DV2014Workshop Chairs
Akihiro Sugimoto
National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Daniel Huber
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

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