[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Purdue Robotics PhD positions - Mechanisms and Wireless Control Networks

Voyles, Richard M rvoyles at purdue.edu
Fri Apr 25 15:03:33 PDT 2014

The Collaborative Robotics Lab is looking for two new grad student positions in robotics and Cyber-Physical Systems research in the College of Technology. Both positions require good programming skills and a desire to implement designs in both hardware and software.

We are working on a new hybrid robot design for hazardous environments that combines elements of treaded, limbed and serpentine locomotion modes. In addition, an ongoing project on Heterogeneous Wireless Control Networks applied to problems in aerial mobile manipulation and urban search and rescue is in need of a researcher with software and electrical hardware development skills for a new architecture enabling self-adaptive systems across unreliable wireless links.

A common theme of the lab is programming by human demonstration, which may impact demonstrations of the capabilities of these projects.

Candidates are expected to have demonstrated ability in hardware and/or software design and development, good math skills, and demonstrated ability to write and present scientific papers in English. For more information on the lab, visit


Paying particular attention to:


IMPORTANT!: Please send your resume/CV to ProfVoyles at gmail.com<mailto:ProfVoyles at gmail.com> with brief descriptions of your coding skills and experience, projects you've worked on, and long-term interests.

  -Richard Voyles

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