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Mon Apr 28 07:27:29 PDT 2014

The April 2014 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science
and Engineering (T-ASE) is now available online.  It includes 25
Regular and 6 Short Papers on foundational research for applications
including metrology, bridge inspection, hospital scheduling, warehouse
logistics, semiconductor manufacturing, apparel design, and home


The above link allows free access to Editorials, Abstracts of all
papers, and to the full text of Open Access papers.

Details on T-ASE, titles of all published papers, info for authors,
upcoming deadlines such as the Special Issue on Networked Cooperative
Autonomous Systems:




A Lipschitz Regularity-Based Statistical Model with Applications in Coordinate Metrology
H. Kim, X. Huo, M. Shilling, and H. D. Tran

Automated Manipulation of Biological Cells Using Gripper Formations Controlled By Optical Tweezers
S. Chowdhury, A. Thakur, P. Švec, C. Wang, W. Losert, and S. K. Gupta

Automatic Bird Species Detection From Crowd Sourced Videos 
W. Li and D. Song

Surface-Type Classification Using RGB-D
A. W. K. To, G. Paul, and D. Liu

A Robotic Crack Inspection and Mapping System for Bridge Deck Maintenance
R. S. Lim, H. M. La, and W. Sheng

Modeling and Analysis of Care Delivery Services Within Patient Rooms: A System-Theoretic Approach 
J. Wang, X. Zhong, J. Li, and P. K. Howard

Training Initialization of Hidden Markov Models in Human Action Recognition
Z. Moghaddam and M. Piccardi

Shape Deformation Using Skeleton Correspondences for Realistic Posed Fashion Flat Creation
X. Wan, P. Y. Mok, and X. Jin

On the Optimal Deployment of Direction Finders
S. Kim and W. E. Wilhelm

GridStore: A Puzzle-Based Storage System With Decentralized Control
K. R. Gue, K. Furmans, Z. Seibold, and O. Uludağ

Blocking Effects in Warehouse Systems with Autonomous Vehicles
D. Roy, A. Krishnamurthy, S. S. Heragu, and C. J. Malmborg

Adaptive Sensor Allocation Strategy for Process Monitoring and Diagnosis in a Bayesian Network
K. Liu, X. Zhang, and J. Shi

Variable Dwell Time Task Scheduling for Multifunction Radar
H. S. Mir and A. Guitouni

Overlay Error Compensation Using Advanced Process Control With Dynamically Adjusted Proportional-Integral R2R Controller
C.-F. Chien, Y.-J. Chen, C.-Y. Hsu, and H.-K. Wang

A Feasible and Easy-to-Implement Anticollision Algorithm for the EPCglobal UHF Class-1 Generation-2 RFID
W.-T. Chen

Object-Oriented Templates for Automated Assembly Planning of Complex Products
L. D. Xu, C. Wang, Z. Bi, and J. Yu

Flexible Specification of Operation Behavior Using Multiple Projections
K. Bengtsson and B. Lennartson

Optimal Computing Budget Allocation for Complete Ranking
H. Xiao, L. H. Lee, and K. M. Ng

Scheduling Cluster Tools for Concurrent Processing of Two Wafer Types
J.-H. Lee, H.-J. Kim, and T.-E. Lee

Computation of the Precise Worst-Case Response Time of FlexRay Dynamic Messages
L. Ouedraogo and R. Kumar

Optimal Supervisory Control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems by Petri Nets: A Set Classification Approach
Y. Chen, Z. Li, and M. C. Zhou

Self-Adaptive Learning PSO-Based Deadline Constrained Task Scheduling for Hybrid IaaS Cloud
X. Zuo, G. Zhang, and W. Tan

Optimization Algorithms for Kinematically Optimal Design of Parallel Manipulators
Y. Lou, Y. Zhang, R. Huang, X. Chen, and Z. Li

Bond Graph Approach for Plant Fault Detection and Isolation: Application to Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle
S. Benmoussa, B. O. Bouamama, and R. Merzouki

Timed Compatibility Analysis of Web Service Composition: A Modular Approach Based on Petri Nets
Y. Du, W. Tan, and M. C. Zhou



Gabor-Based Nonuniform Scale-Frequency Map for Environmental Sound Classification in Home Automation 
J.-C. Wang, C.-H. Lin, B.-W. Chen, and M.-K. Tsai

Compensation of Hysteresis Nonlinearity in Magnetostrictive Actuators With Inverse Multiplicative Structure for
the Preisach Model 
Z. Li, C.-Y. Su, and T. Chai

Feature-Based Human Model for Digital Apparel Design
S. Wang, S. Qin, and C. Guan

Policy Iteration Algorithm for Online Design of Robust Control for a Class of Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems 
D. Wang, D. Liu, and H. Li

A Generalized Result for Degradation Model-Based Reliability Estimation
X.-S. Si and D. Zhou

Parameterized ACD Modeling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems 
B. K. Choi, H. Kim, D. Kang, A. A. Jamjoom, and M. A. Abdullah


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