[robotics-worldwide] [journals] IJRR April 2014 Special Issue on ISER 2012: Vol. 33, No. 4

John Hollerbach jmh at cs.utah.edu
Tue Apr 29 09:40:01 PDT 2014

The International Journal of Robotics Research
Special issue on the Thirteenth International Symposium on Experimental 
Robotics, 2012
April 2014; Vol. 33, No. 4

Special Issue of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Experimental 
Robotics, 2012
Jaydev P. Desai, Gregory Dudek, Oussama Khatib, and Vijay Kumar

Design and experimental validation of planar programmable inertia generators
C. Gosselin, A. Lecours, T. Laliberté, and M. Fortin

A new hybrid actuation scheme with artificial pneumatic muscles and a 
magnetic particle brake for safe human–robot collaboration
Dongjun Shin, Xiyang Yeh, and Oussama Khatib

Coordination strategies for multi-robot exploration and mapping
Carlos Nieto-Granda, John G. Rogers III, and Henrik I. Christensen

Distributed assembly with online workload balancing and visual error 
detection and correction
James Worcester, M. Ani Hsieh, and Rolf Lakaemper

Accurate indoor localization with ultra-wideband using spatial models 
and collaboration
Amanda Prorok and Alcherio Martinoli

Cooperative multi-robot estimation and control for radio source localization
Benjamin Charrow, Nathan Michael, and Vijay Kumar

Learning hierarchical sparse features for RGB-(D) object recognition
Liefeng Bo, Xiaofeng Ren, and Dieter Fox

A data-driven statistical framework for post-grasp manipulation
Robert Paolini, Alberto Rodriguez, Siddhartha S. Srinivasa, and Matthew 
T. Mason

Design, development, and evaluation of a master–slave surgical system 
for breast biopsy under continuous MRI
Bo Yang, Steven Roys, U-Xuan Tan, Mathew Philip, Howard Richard, Rao P. 
Gullapalli, and Jaydev P. Desai

Robotic catheter cardiac ablation combining ultrasound guidance and 
force control
Samuel B. Kesner and Robert D. Howe

Autonomous adaptive exploration using realtime online spatiotemporal 
topic modeling
Yogesh Girdhar, Philippe Giguère, and Gregory Dudek

Hand-shape classification with a wrist contour sensor: Analyses of 
feature types, resemblance between subjects, and data variation with 
pronation angle
Rui Fukui, Masahiko Watanabe, Masamichi Shimosaka, and Tomomasa Sato

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