[robotics-worldwide] [news] 50 Years of AI & Robotics: A Celebration of Shakey

Raja Chatila raja.chatila at isir.upmc.fr
Tue Aug 12 08:12:34 PDT 2014

50 Years of AI & Robotics: A Celebration of Shakey 
co-sponsored by AAAI and IEEE-RAS

AAAI and the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) are pleased to
announce a series of special joint events in 2015 to mark the 50th
anniversary of the Shakey project.

The goal of building intelligent robots has been a motivating problem
for generations of researchers. Starting around 1965, Shakey was
one of the first efforts to build an autonomous, intelligent robot. The
project resulted in seminal contributions with far-reaching implications for both AI and robotics.

Given the recent expansion of interest in intelligent robotics,
AAAI and IEEE RAS are co-sponsoring events to celebrate the connections between the AI and robotics communities at the flagship conferences,
AAAI-15 (to be held January 25-29 in Austin, Texas) and ICRA 2015 (to be held May 26-30 in Seattle, Washington). Additional satellite events are being planned.

Details will be found on the AAAI-15 and ICRA 2015 websites.

Nancy M. Amato, Program Chair ICRA 2015
Blai Bonet, Program Chair AAAI 2015
Oliver Brock, President RSS Foundation
Raja Chatila, President IEEE RAS
Tom Dietterich, President AAAI
Sven Koenig, Program Chair AAAI 2015
George Konidaris, Robotics Co-Chair, AAAI 2015
Brad Knox, Robotics Co-Chair, AAAI 2015
Oussama Khatib, Vice President of Conference Activities, IEEE RAS
Lynne Parker, General Chair ICRA 2015

Raja Chatila
President 2014-2015, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

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