[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Workshop on "Anthropomorphic Robotic Hands Design and Control" @ Humanoids 2014: Final presentations available

Gianluca Palli gianluca.palli at unibo.it
Wed Dec 3 23:58:55 PST 2014

[ Apologies for any duplication ]

Dear all,

we have the pleasure to announce that the final presentations shown 
during the Humanoids 2014 Half-Day Workshop on "Anthropomorphic Robotic 
Hands: Design and Control" held in Madrid, Spain, November 18-20th 2014, 
are now available on the web page of the event:

Thank you to all the participants for contributing to the success of 
this exciting whokshop!

Best regards

Gianluca Palli,
on behalf of the other organizers Maximo A. Roa and Markus Grebenstein

Gianluca Palli, PhD

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