[robotics-worldwide] [journals] IJRR December 2014 Issue; Vol. 33, No. 14

John Hollerbach jmh at cs.utah.edu
Mon Dec 1 12:11:37 PST 2014

The International Journal of Robotics Research
December 2014; Vol. 33, No. 14

Sparsification of motion-planning roadmaps by edge contraction
Oren Salzman, Doron Shaharabani, Pankaj K. Agarwal, and Dan Halperin

Efficiently combining task and motion planning using geometric constraints
Fabien Lagriffoul, Dimitar Dimitrov, Julien Bidot, Alessandro Saffiotti, 
and Lars Karlsson

Wearable soft sensing suit for human gait measurement
Yiğit Mengüç, Yong-Lae Park, Hao Pei, Daniel Vogt, Patrick M. Aubin, 
Ethan Winchell, Lowell Fluke, Leia Stirling, Robert J. Wood, and Conor 
J. Walsh

Quality of teleoperator adaptive control for telerobotic operations
Yunyi Jia, Ning Xi, Shuang Liu, Yunxia Wang, Xin Li, and Sheng Bi

Direct measurement of cell protrusion force utilizing a robot-aided cell 
manipulation system with optical tweezers for cell migration control
Xue Gou, Hao Yang, Tarek M Fahmy, Yong Wang, and Dong Sun

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