[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] 2 postdoc positions in Machine Learning, Robotics & AI @ Univ. Stuttgart (and optionally MPI Tuebingen)

Marc Toussaint marc.toussaint at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Mon Dec 1 11:28:37 PST 2014

                     *deadline: 15th Dec, 2014*

	2 postdoc positions in Machine Learning, Robotics & AI
       at the Machine Learning & Robotics Lab, Univ. of Stuttgart

	Optional joint appointment at the Max-Planck-Institute
		 for Intelligent Systems in Tuebingen

The Machine Learning & Robotics Lab at University of Stuttgart is
recruiting two highly-motivated postdoctoral researchers. The MLR lab
strives to tackle problems that are both fundamental and real in the
area of robotics and intelligent systems. This includes holistic
approaches to learning, planning and inference on all levels from robotic
control to higher-level geometric and symbolic reasoning. Applicants
should have strong interest in this approach, esp. one of the
following or related research topics:

* (Constrained) Optimization methods for robotics, robotic control or
   learning in robotics in general
* Combined task and motion planning in uncertain and probabilistic
   domains (bridging between symbolic/relational MDPs, belief planning
   and geometric planning)
* Learning, planning and inference in the case of multi-agents or
   concurrent actions (including multi-agent extensions for invRL)
* Active learning, experimental design and UCB/UCT type methods for
   autonomous robot exploration in relational domains

Please relate clearly to these topic in your Research Statement.

Researchers from the broader areas of modern AI (probabilistic
reasoning, learning & planning), robotics and machine learning are
welcome to apply. The candidates are expected to conduct independent
research and at the same time contribute to ongoing projects in the
areas listed above. Successful candidates can furthermore be given the
opportunity to work with undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.

The positions may jointly be appointed at Stefan Schaal's Autonomous
Motion Department at the MPI Tuebingen, in this case focusing on
learning and optimization methods for robotic control. See

A successful Post-doc applicant should have a strong track record of
top-tier research publications in our community (e.g., at UAI, ICML,
journals). A Ph.D. in Computer Science, Physics or Maths (or another
field clearly related to the above topics) as well as strong
organizational and coordination skills are a must.

The positions are started with a 24 months contract and may be
extendable up to 48 months. Payment will be according to the German
TVL E-13 or E-14 payment scheme, depending on the candidate's
experience and qualifications.

All complete applications submitted through the online application 
system found at


will be considered. *Deadline for application is Dec 15h*. If you have 
good reasons for extension, please contact me directly.

Applicants may contact Marc Toussaint at *NIPS 2014*. Please also feel 
free to contact me informally by email on any issue.

Marc Toussaint, Prof. Dr.
Uni Stuttgart
Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart, Germany
+49 711 685 88376

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