[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Postdoctoral Research Fellow – bi-manual robotic grasping and manipulation

Daniela Ionescu DXI731 at student.bham.ac.uk
Fri Dec 5 03:52:39 PST 2014

School of Mechanical Engineering

Urgently seeking: Postdoctoral Research Fellow – bi-manual robotic grasping and manipulation

Salary: £28,695 - £37,394 depending on experience

University of Birmingham has one of the leading UK robotics research groups, with a diverse research portfolio spanning a variety of different areas of robotics and computer vision. The Birmingham robotics team has recently developed a state-of-the art approach to autonomous grasping with a multi-fingered hand. The robot is shown a single pre-programmed grasp on a single object, and uses a novel machine learning technique to automatically adapt this grasp to new objects of arbitrarily different shapes:

We are now seeking a high calibre robotics post-doc, to help us extend these ideas, from uni-manual grasps (with a single multi-finger hand and a single arm), to bi-manual grasps (with two hands mounted on two arms).

The successful candidate will need to rapidly learn our complex in-house manipulation software and algorithms, and extend the work to achieve a successful two-hand demo within a relatively short time. Candidates should have:

1) Phd in robotics, ideally robotic manipulation and some vision experience.
2) Ideally also some post-doctoral experience.
3) Outstanding programming skills, including extensive/professional knowledge and experience in C++.
4) Very strong mathematics skills, including an understanding of computational geometry, probability theory and machine learning.
5) Ability to deliver a working demo with a complex two-arm robotic system.

Enquiries to:
Dr. Rustam Stolkin, r.stolkin at cs.bham.ac.uk<mailto:r.stolkin at cs.bham.ac.uk>
PLEASE ALSO COPY ALL CORRESPONDENCE AND CV ETC TO MY PA: rustam.stolkin.pa at gmail.com<mailto:rustam.stolkin.pa at gmail.com>

Closing date:     Jan 15th, 2015

1) We MUST recruit and start this project before June 2015 – so we are recruiting urgently.
2) This position is initially for one year only. However, if the candidate performs well, then she or he can be moved over to our major EU H2020 project on robotic grasping for longer term employment.
3) In parallel to this project, we also have a major ongoing collaboration with KUKA, so there is potential for the successful candidate to get involved in Knowledge Transfer and Commercialisation activities as well as pure research, if desired.

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