[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Open PhD & Masters Positions : High Speed & Large Scale Computer Vision for Autonomous Driving

Gary Overett goverett at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Dec 4 06:40:54 PST 2014

SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering, Pittsburgh USA + Guangzhou
China - jie.cmu.edu

The Joint Institute of Engineering (JIE) is a partnership between Sun
Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China and Carnegie Mellon University
in Pittsburgh, USA. JIE takes a global approach to providing
engineering education at the graduate level, building upon the
strengths of the two universities. Students, pursuing the
double-degree option at either the masters or doctoral levels, will
have the opportunity to study at both institutions, enabling a rich
experience in learning the cultures of China and the United States of

JIE is seeking motivated students for open positions in both PhD &
Masters double-degree programs to conduct high quality research in the
field of High Speed & Large Scale Computer Vision for Autonomous
Driving. Research will focus fundamental research involving real-world
problems. In particular two important research questions:
1) How can we represent the information from image and LIDAR sensors
in a way that makes subsequent reasoning about real world content both
efficient and robust?
2) What learning methodologies allow us to make time constrained real
world scene understanding in a robust manner?

All graduates will receive OPT work authorization which provides the
opportunity for employment in the United States after graduation. In
many cases this leads to long term work opportunities in the United
States or globally with leading employers.

Ideal students will be self-motivated, engaged and willing to work
hard in exploring new problems. Strong problem solving and programming
skills are a must. Students should be able to communicate well in
English and explain their interests and motivations clearly.

Interested candidates should read the application information at
jie.cmu.edu and jie.sysu.edu.cn. Computer Vision and Robotics students
should read additional information on potential projects and
instructions at http://gary.overett.org/prospective-students/ and
contact goverett at andrew.cmu.edu with their interest before 13 December

Gary Overett
Assistant Professor

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