[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Research position available on multi-camera systems

Fabio Solari fabio.solari at unige.it
Tue Dec 30 13:05:53 PST 2014

*************************************Apologize for multiple postings

We are urgently seeking candidates for a 1 year position (renewable) as a
research associate on the topic "3D Computer Vision methods for
multi-camera systems” at DIBRIS - Department of Informatics Bioengineering
Robotics and Systems Engineering, Università degli Studi di Genova - Italy

Summary: The goal of the research is the design of methods for  (1)
building and calibrating multi-camera systems including both traditional
and depth sensors, (2) acquiring 3D information in real-time from the above
mentioned systems. The designed methods will be applied to different
contexts, with particular reference to industrial systems for object
scanning, and augmented reality environments in which the user can interact
with virtual objects. The research activity will cover theory, algorithms
and applications, and will be carried out in a stimulating
multi-disciplinary context. The research fellow will be partially involved
in the EU FP7 SAFEPOST research project.

Candidates must have an excellent academic record and own a Master (II
level) Degree in one of the following topics (or related fields): Computer
Science, Computer Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering, Mathematics, Physics. Although not strictly necessary, a
background in computer vision is an asset. The research fellowship might
open possibilities for a PhD position starting from autumn 2015.

Interested candidates are kindly requested to contact Francesca Odone
francesca.odone at unige.it before they proceed to submitting a proposal.
The general call is
Research themes can be found at
http://www.unige.it/concorsi/assricerca/documents/all1662.pdf (the theme
object of this advert is “programma 3”).
The application deadline on the university website is 15/1/2015,
The submission procedure is in italian. Non italian speakers are encouraged
to contact me first so that we can help you with the application.

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