[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Urgent: IRCCyN looking for a R&D engineer in mobile robotics

Philippe Martinet Philippe.Martinet at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr
Sat Dec 27 22:13:08 PST 2014

The Mobile Robotics axis of Robotics research group at IRCCyN 
(*/Institut de Recherche en Communications et Cybernétique de Nantes/*, 
Nantes) offers an open position for R&D engineer, for 12 months 
contract, starting now. The location is the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, 
Contact: Martinet Philippe <Philippe.Martinet at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr> and 
Gaëtan GARCIA <Gaetan.Garcia at ec-nantes.fr>

The schedule is very tricky:
- submit your candidature as soon as possible (at maximum early january) 
to the corresponding contact and myself in copy
   We will appreciate to have :
          * a detailed CV,
          * motivation letter explaining your main interests in the 
position and highlighting your attractive features regarding the position,
          * details on your academic cursus (including the notes, in 
case you dont have long),
          * publications lists if any (pdf of the main ones)
          * details on your experience
- interview will be organized starting early january
- selection result will be given as soon as possible.

The content of the work will be to work on a robotized car (I-CAR) in 
order to develop autonomous navigation algorithms and prepare Autonomous 
Navigation demonstrations.

The necessary background is:
- Real time and embedded system
- Mobile robot modeling and control (non linear control)
- Mechatronics (in order to understand well how the low level system 
(actuators, sensors of the cars, CAN bus) are working)

The candidate must be serious, hard worker able to work in a team, and 
having good communication abilities.

In addition, a plus will be given for candidates offering knowledge on 
RTK GPS, Visual Geometry, Visual navigation

Philippe Martinet
Professor at Ecole Centrale de Nantes
Researcher at IRCCYN (CNRS joint unit) in Nantes
Coordinator of the EMARO/EMARO+ European Master on Advanced Robotics

Phone: +33 240 376 975, Sec : +33 240 376 934
Philippe.Martinet at irccyn.ec-nantes.fr
Office 512

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