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*** Generative and Developmental Systems (GDS) Track
*** July 11-15, 2015, Madrid, Spain
*** Organized by ACM SIGEVO
*** http://www.sigevo.org/gecco-2015/organizers-tracks.html

As artificial systems continue to grow in size and complexity, the
engineering traditions of rigid top-down design are reaching the limits of
their applicability. In contrast, biological evolution is responsible for
an apparently unbounded complexity and diversity of living organisms. The
Generative and Developmental Systems (GDS) track seeks to unlock the full
potential of in silico evolution as a design methodology that can scale up
to systems of great complexity and meet our specifications with minimal
manual programming effort. Major themes are genotype-phenotype maps,
interactions between developmental processes and evolution, alternatives to
the classic fitness function to drive the selection process, and success
metrics that go beyond task-based benchmarks (e.g., generating/measuring
complexity, evolvability, regularity, etc.).

GECCO is the main conference in evolutionary computation. With a selection
rate of about 35%, it is the premier place for high-quality contributions
about artificial evolution. The GDS track at GECCO invites all papers
addressing the challenges of scaling up evolution to life-like complexity,
including, but not limited to the areas of:

- artificial development, artificial embryogeny
- neural development, neuroevolution
- evo-devo robotics, morphogenetic robotics
- evolution of evolvability
- gene regulatory networks
- grammar-based systems, generative systems, rewriting systems
- indirect mappings, compact encodings, novel representations
- morphogenetic engineering
- diversity preservation, novelty search
- competitive co-evolution (arms races)
- measures of evolved complexity (theoretical or practical)
- open-ended evolution


January 21, 2015 Abstract submission
February 4, 2015 Full paper submission
March 20, 2015 Notification of paper acceptance
April 14, 2015 Camera ready submission
July 11-15, 2015 GECCO 2015 Conference in Madrid, Spain

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