[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Two research positions, Personal Robotics Laboratory, Imperial College London

Demiris, Yiannis y.demiris at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Feb 14 07:09:48 PST 2014

Dear colleagues,

two researcher positions are available at the Personal Robotics laboratory
of Imperial College London; one is at the postdoctoral level and one at the
doctoral level. The successful candidates will work under the supervision
of Dr Yiannis Demiris (www.demiris.info) within the context of a new EU FP7
STREP project WYSIWYD (What you Say is What you Did), which started in
January 2014  and will run for three years. The project aims at developing humanoid
robot  systems capable of open-ended  learning of sensorimotor and cognitive skills
during multimodal interaction with humans.

The positions offer an exciting interdisciplinary topic and an excellent working
environment in one of the world’s top research universities; the positions are
available immediately, and will run until the end of the project in December

Candidates with strong background in one or more of: computer  vision,
human action understanding, humanoid robot control, and machine learning are
encouraged to  apply.  Strong computing and mathematical skills are a must,
along with a strong desire to see your algorithms working on real robots.
Details about the positions, key responsibilities, ideal  person  specifications,
and the application procedure that needs to be followed can be  found at the lab’s

(click on Join us)

Deadline for receipt of applications is the 27th of February 2014.

With best wishes,

Dr Yiannis Demiris
Reader (Associate Professor) in Personal Robotics,
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Rm 1014,
Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus,
Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2BT, UK
Tel: +44-(0)2075946300, Fax: +44-(0)2075946274
WWW: http://www.iis.ee.ic.ac.uk/yiannis

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