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Ryan Gariepy rgariepy at clearpathrobotics.com
Thu Feb 13 08:48:31 PST 2014

Position:               Vice President, Engineering
Location:              Kitchener, Ontario
Experience:         10 years' experience in technical leadership, with
relevant software or robotics development background

About Us
Clearpath Robotics Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of
unmanned vehicle systems, software, and components for academic
research and industrial products.  Our clients range from Fortune 500
businesses to some of the best known technical institutions on the
planet.  Based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Clearpath Robotics employs
highly talented people who live and breathe robotics.  We believe that
work must have a high "cool" factor, and we're looking for people who
share in our passion to create remarkable solutions and change the

About the Job
We are dramatically scaling up our engineering team in all areas from
mechanical design to control software development. We need a technical
leader to help us continue our growth while improving our quality
standards and technical capabilities. If you'd like to be a part of
how unmanned vehicles are making an impact and don't want to be
limited by a specific market, this is where you should be!

You will gradually transition into leading the entirety of the
day-to-day engineering activities at Clearpath and our subsidiaries.
You will scale our team from our current size to hundreds of
roboticists while keeping a strong culture and satisfied team members,
and will also be responsible for ensuring that our capabilities grow
to match our ambitions. You will work with the development team and
any managers you may hire to ensure that the team is operating as
smoothly as possible and that we are maintaining the right balance
between agility and established process. You will work with members of
various teams to ensure that the engineering aspects of new product
introduction are clearly covered, and will likewise ensure that the
level of technical debt at Clearpath is at an appropriate level. You
will work side-by-side with the CTO to ensure that there is a constant
flow of new capabilities and technologies through the company to our
markets and clients. You may have to take robots for occasional walks.

 Your primary responsibilities will be:
*    Team leadership, scaling, and recruitment
*    Team and resource management
*    Owning overall quality and results across the company
*    Process ownership and supervision

Additional tasks may include:
*    Product roadmap execution
*    Strategic planning and budgeting
*    Improving any and all aspects of how we build robots
*    Risk, reliability, and failure mode analysis

Compensation includes base salary, benefits, stock options, and other
perks. While our office is based out of Kitchener, ON, occasional
remote work is feasible. We welcome more users of our telepresence

About You
You want to work for a rapidly growing company that thinks big and
dreams huge while making sure the people on your team get home for
dinner.  You are driven, view work as more than just a job, and are
never satisfied with a project left half-done.  You want to be
surrounded by people like you; creative, fun-loving, and passionate
about their work.  You are motivated by making an impact on your the
world and you thrive on challenging and rewarding problems. Oh, and
you've got the skills we need.

Required Experience/Skills:
*    Degree in engineering/CS or a related field, with applicable background
*    Extensive experience in leading and building teams with 50+ people
*    Software management background (robotics software development
definitely counts!)
*    Experience in engineering budgeting and planning
*    Comfort with implementing and maintaining process without causing
the development team to revolt
*    Has shipped product! Better yet, product has packed and shipped itself

Bonus points for:
*    Research, development, or implementation of robotics-specific algorithms
*    Exposure to the hardware side of robotics or product development,
including risk assessment and scheduling
*    Business case development experience
*    Ability to diagnose broken robots by their sounds and smells
*    Building teams for follow-on support and QA
*    Development and testing of safety-critical or high-reliability systems

What Now?
Apply through our online job portal using this link:
http://jobsco.re/1c1HeiL, or send an email to
ryan at clearpathrobotics.com. Please submit cover letter along with your
resume. Instructions for sending supporting documentation, including
testimonials as well as conference papers, journal articles, source
code, portfolio media, references, or other indications of exceptional
past work will be provided in the confirmation email sent by our
system upon receiving your application. Please include "VP
Engineering" in the subject of any further communications. If your
skills don't fit this job description, but you're still interested in
working with us please apply to our "General Robotics Enthusiast"
position.No recruiters or form cover letters, please. They do not
please our mechanical masters. Detailed corporate information package
available upon request.

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