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Erden Mustafa Suphi mustafasuphi.erden at epfl.ch
Wed Feb 19 02:08:32 PST 2014

Special Issue of the Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems on 
“Cognitive Robotics Systems: Concepts and Applications”
Future robotic systems need to reach a level of cognition that will allow them to understand and effectively operate in household and industrial environments, interact with humans, and adapt their actions to an ever growing range of situations. They are expected to be able to predict the perceptual changes that result as a consequence of human actions and replicate human activities, taking into consideration their own capabilities and limitations. This special issue draws inspiration from these themes, as addressed in the series of IROS workshops CAS-2012: “Cognitive Assistive Systems: Closing the Action-Perception Loop” and CRS-2013: “Cognitive Robotics Systems: Replicating Human Actions and Activities”.

This special issue aspires to elucidate advances in Cognitive Robotics Systems ranging from sensing through to learning and interaction, as well as their applications addressing domestic and industrial requirements. Emphasis will be given to closing the action-perception loop and reproducing human actions and activities

Papers are solicited on concepts and applications related to cognitive robotics systems. Invited topics include, but are not be limited to:
 - Robot imitation and learning by demonstration
 - Symbiotic interaction between robots and humans
 - Motion and activity capture
 - Robot grasping, tools and object manipulation
 - Active perception
 - Visual perception and representation of 3D information
 - Perceptual search and attention
 - Motion planning and motion generation
 - Adaptive and unsupervised activity learning
 - Workflow monitoring and activity recognition
Important Dates:
          Paper submission deadline: 30 April 2014
          Notification to authors: 15 July 2014
          Revised papers submission: 15 August 2014
          Final acceptance: 15 October 2014
The special issue is open to high-quality contributions that fall within its scope. Papers should be up to 20 pages, prepared according to the “Instructions for Authors” of the Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems, as found at:
and submitted at:
choosing “SI on Cognitive Robotics Systems: Concepts and Applications” as the article category. Please contact any of the guest editors for further information.
Guest Editors:
Lazaros Nalpantidis, Aalborg University, Denmark <lanalpa at m-tech.aau.dk>
Renaud Detry, University of Liege, Belgium <renaud.detry at ulg.ac.be>
Dima Damen, University of Bristol, UK <dima.damen at bristol.ac.uk>
Gabriele Bleser, DFKI, Germany <gabriele.bleser at dfki.de>
Maya Cakmak, University of Washington, USA <mcakmak at cs.washington.edu>
Mustafa Suphi Erden, EPFL, Switzerland <mustafasuphi.erden at epfl.ch>

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