[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] CFP: ICRA 2014 WS - Autonomous Grasping and Manipulation: an Open Challenge

Oliver Kroemer oli at robot-learning.de
Wed Feb 19 00:38:51 PST 2014

ICRA 2014 Workshop on
Autonomous Grasping and Manipulation: an Open Challenge
Saturday May 31st, Hong Kong

http://grasping-challenge.org  AGnM2014 at easychair.org

During the past fifteen years, grasping research has increasingly
focused on methods that can cope with novel objects and noisy
perceptual data. The challenges posed by grasping in these situations
have led to the development of a wide range of new algorithms for
selecting, executing, and evaluating grasps. In parallel to the
progress made on the software level, new robot hands and sensors have
also been designed for operating in everyday environments.

The first aim of the workshop is to assess the progress in the
state-of-the-art and discuss the large variety of grasping and
manipulation approaches. The second aim of the workshop is to discuss
methods for comparing the practical applicability of new algorithms
and hardware. Comparing different methodologies in a fair manner is
difficult. The success of a grasp depends on many factors, such as the
type of robot hand/gripper, the immediate environment around the
object, and the properties of the objects being grasped. Different
methods might also assume different prior knowledge regarding the
object or rely on the robot being equipped with certain sensors. The
workshop will therefore serve as a platform to discuss the role of
benchmarking in grasping and manipulation.

TOPICS (non-limiting)

- Benchmarking robot grasping/manipulation
- Task-specific grasping/manipulation
- Grasping/manipulation in cluttered environments
- Grasping/manipulation with compliant robots
- Robot hand design
- Tactile sensing for grasping/manipulation
- Grasping/manipulation of non-rigid objects
- Best practices in robot grasping/manipulation research
- Whole-arm grasping/manipulation
- Bimanual/multi-handed grasping/manipulation
- Adapting grasps to changing environments
- Grasping with ambiguous sensory signals
- Modeling uncertainty in environments and actions
- Using multi-sensory object representations for grasping
- Learning from human demonstrations
- Grasping in simulation vs on a real system
- Estimating task-relevant features of objects
- Grasp synergies
- Learning grasps through self-improvement methods
- Learning from insights into human grasping
- Grasping articulated objects
- Open problems in grasping and manipulation
- Code and dataset sharing


Pieter Abbeel (University of California, Berkeley)
Antonio Bicchi (University of Pisa)
Oliver Brock (TU Berlin)
Matei Ciocarlie (Google)
Nicholas Hudson (JPL)
Toru Omata (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Robert Platt (Northeastern)
Ashutosh Saxena (Cornell University)
Siddhartha Srinivasa (Carnegie Mellon University)


We welcome the submission of extended abstracts of 1-2 pages on novel
work or work in progress. Abstracts will be (single-blind) reviewed on
the basis of relevance, significance, and clarity. Accepted
contributions will be presented as posters during the workshop. The
authors may also be given the chance to additionally give a short
spotlight presentation of their work. The workshop proceedings will be
published online, on the AG&M website.

Format: 1-2 pages, with optional video
Submission deadline: April 20, 2014 (23:59 CET)
Notification of acceptance: April 27, 2014

Extended abstracts should be formatted according to the manuscript
preparation guidelines and should be submitted in PDF via
EasyChair. PDF file size is limited to 10MB. Authors are encouraged to
submit a live demo or a video showcasing their work. Accompanying
videos can also be uploaded via the submission system. We accept the
following formats: MPEG-1 stream within a .MPG container, or MPEG-4
stream (H.264 recommended) within a .MP4 container. The maximum file
size is 20MB.


Renaud Detry, University of Liege, Belgium
Oliver Kroemer, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany
Danica Kragic, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden


AGnM2014 at easychair.org

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