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Sanjiv Singh ssingh at cmu.edu
Thu Feb 20 11:45:02 PST 2014

Journal of Field Robotics
March/April 2014
Volume 31, Issue 2

Experiments on Surface Reconstruction for Partially Submerged Marine Structures
Georgios Papadopoulos, Hanna Kurniawati, Ahmed Shafeeq Bin Mohd Shariff, Liang Jie Wong 
and Nicholas M. Patrikalakis

A Multisensor Integration Approach toward Astronaut Navigation for Landed Lunar Missions
Rongxing Li, Shaojun He, Boris Skopljak, Xuelian Meng, Pingbo Tang, Alper Yilmaz, Jinwei Jiang, 
Charles M. Oman, Martin Banks and Sunah Kim

Using Embodied Data for Localization and Mapping
Jakob Schwendner, Sylvain Joyeux and Frank Kirchner

Cautious Greedy Strategy for Bearing-only Active Localization: Analysis and Field Experiments
Joshua Vander Hook, Pratap Tokekar and Volkan Isler
A Robot Application for Marine Vessel Inspection
Markus Eich, Francisco Bonnin-Pascual, Emilio Garcia-Fidalgo, Alberto Ortiz, Gabriele Bruzzone, 
Yannis Koveos and Frank Kirchner

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