[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Call for Papers - ICRA Workshop on Visual Place Recognition in Changing Environments

Niko Sünderhauf niko at etit.tu-chemnitz.de
Tue Feb 25 04:35:53 PST 2014

Call for Papers for the
ICRA 2014 Workshop on Visual Place Recognition in Changing Environments


Important Dates:
* March 24th 2014        Submission of full papers (6-8 pages)
* April 4th 2014         Notification
* April 14th 2014        Final papers for inclusion in proceedings
* June 1st 2014          Workshop date (full-day)

This full-day workshop at ICRA 2014 brings together researchers working
in different fields of robotics, computer vision and machine learning to
discuss novel concepts and ideas for robust vision-based place
recognition in severely changing environments.

Such changes – induced e.g. by the time of day, weather or seasonal
effects as well as human activity – are a ubiquitous challenge for all
autonomous systems aiming at long-term operations in both indoor and
outdoor settings.

Topics of interest:
* Novel techniques for change-invariant whole image matching
* Approaches for invariant image feature learning
* Learning, modeling, and predicting systematic or repeating
  appearance changes over time
* Learning stable / non-changing environmental features
* Exploiting semantic information for long-term place recognition
* Novel concepts of incorporating uncertain place recognition in SLAM /
  navigation systems
* Standardized benchmarks and long-term datasets in changing

Papers can be submitted by e-mail to niko at etit.tu-chemnitz.de and should
follow the usual ICRA guidelines for style and length (up to 8 pages).

* Dr Niko Sünderhauf, Chemnitz University of Technology
* Dr Michael Milford, Queensland University of Technology
* Professor Peter Corke, Queensland University of Technology

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