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Title: [Imageworld] [jobs] Postdoc Position in 3D Computer Vision and  
more... at the University of Zurich
An opportunity has arisen for a Postdoc to work with Prof. Davide  
Scaramuzza in the Robotics and Perception Group as part of several large  
projects with Google, SenseFly, and NCCR Robotics.
As a Computer Vision expert, you will actively contribute algorithms for  
real-time 3D modelling from vision sensors, low-latency vision, dense  
reconstruction, structure from motion, and visually-guided micro flying  
An up-to-date list of our current research projects is here:  
You will also work in close collaboration with other international experts  
from MIT, ETH, EPFL.

The position is fully funded. A Postdoc position in Switzerland is a  
regular job with social benefits. You will get a very competitive salary  
and access to excellent facilities. Zurich i...
When: Fri Feb 28, 2014 10:30am - 11:30am Riyadh
Calendar: zhaojin lu
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     * euron-dist at iais.fraunhofer.de
     * Davide Scaramuzza
     * imageworld at diku.dk
     * Davide Scaramuzza

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