[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] PhD openings in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at the University of Genoa, Italy

Fulvio Mastrogiovanni fulvio.mastrogiovanni at unige.it
Fri Jul 4 02:11:11 PDT 2014

PhD openings in Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering
University of Genoa, Italy

Dear All.

In the context of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems curriculum of the 
PhD Program in Bioengineering and Robotics, I would like to advertise 
the following themes:

** Theme 1: Biologically inspired approaches to perception, knowledge 
representation and action in Robotics


1) Design, develop and validate a framework allowing a bi-manual robot 
to learn bio-inspired, neural-based representation structures related to 
real-world objects using force, vision and proprioceptive information.

2) Use the developed representation structures to assess knowledge 
encoded in suitable neural spaces, in order to reason about goals, plans 
and actions. Representation structures will refer to capabilities (i.e., 
what a robot gains in considering them) and affordances (i.e., what 
possible actions they entail).

3) Provide the robot with means to carry out planned actions while 
monitoring their execution at run-time to implement multi-modal 
sensory-motor couplings.

** Theme 8: Spatial, temporal and common sense reasoning in Robots


1) Design and develop innovative techniques to represent heterogeneous 
and multi-modal sensory data. Such data will encode real-world objects 
and events the robot perceives and interact with, taking into account 
both spatial and temporal features.

2) Investigate novel (software) architectures and planning frameworks 
for action (including the use of language) able to exhibit integrated 
(task-level) symbolic and continuous planning capabilities, as well as 
to modify and adapt the robot representation structures and planning 
schemes on the basis of its experience.

A more detailed description of the themes can be found at:


** How to apply

Please refer to the official web page at:


** Deadlines

Please refer to the official web page at:


Perspective applicants interested in the aforementioned themes are 
strongly encouraged to contact me in advance by sending an email 
to:fulvio.mastrogiovanni at unige.it <mailto:fulvio.mastrogiovanni at unige.it>



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