[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] CfP: IROS'2014 Workshop Robot Manipulation: What has been achieved and what remains to be done?

Erol SAHIN erol at ceng.metu.edu.tr
Mon Jul 7 10:37:25 PDT 2014

We are seeking 3-page abstracts on robot manipulation by August 3rd.

Erol Sahin and Siddhartha Srinivasa

Robot Manipulation: What has been achieved and what remains to be done?


Research on  robot manipulation has achieved important theoretical and 
technical advances within the last 50 years. Robot manipulators 
operating within factories has long been a key element of industrial 
manufacturing, and is regarded as a success story for robotics. However, 
the competency of robots in manipulation tasks to be carried out in 
unstructured and dynamic human environments is still far below of 
expectations.  Although major advances have taken place on many fronts, 
ranging from the mechatronic design of manipulators to the development 
of methods in perception, planning and learning, robotic manipulation 
still remains as a major challenge. Successful demonstrations in 
specific tasks such as folding a towel folding or grasping a bottle from 
fridge, has not yielded general and integrated manipulation systems that 
can operate with to novel objects, in new environments and novel tasks 
at hand.

The objective of the workshop is to discuss, understand and underline 
the key challenges inherent in robot manipulation that prevented its 
transition towards becoming a technology. Towards this end, the workshop 
will host invited lectures that will provide a historical evolution of 
ideas in robot manipulation, stating what has been achieved and what 
remains as challenges for future research.

Invited talks:
* Robert D. Howe, Harvard University
* Jean-Paul Laumond, LAAS
* Tomas Lozano-Perez, MIT
* Matt Mason, Carnegie Mellon University
* Stefan Schaal, University of Southern California

Call for papers:
We seek research papers reporting results about the recent advances in 
the state-of-the-art robot manipulation in different, and preferably 
radical, ways. We encourage preliminary results and position papers on 
algorithms and systems that enable real-world robotic manipulation. We 
expect the initial submission to be an extended abstract up to 3 pages 
long, in standard two-column IEEE format.  Each submission will receive 
two reviews from the program committee. Accepted final submissions can 
be up to 6 pages long and will be hosted on the web page. Please email 
submissions to erol at ceng.metu.edu.tr with the subject line "Manipulation 
Futures Submission".

Important dates:
   Full paper submission: August 3, 2014
   Notification of acceptance: August 14, 2014
   Final papers due :  August 31, 2014
   Workshop: September 14, 2014

Erol Sahin, Middle East Techical Univ and Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Siddhartha Srinivasa, Carnegie Mellon Univ.

More information:

Organization of this workshop is supported by the IEEE RAS Mobile 
Manipulation Technical Committee and the Marie Curie IOF project titled 
"Towards Better Robot Manipulation: Improvement through Interaction" 

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