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1 PhD position with scholarship the starting November 2014 at the iCub Facility, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

* Theme 3, Event-driven vision for the iCub

Interacting with a dynamical environment is one of the major challenges of robotics. Biology clearly outperforms robotic systems when acting in real scenarios in terms of appropriateness of the behavioural response, robustness to interference and noise, adaptation to ever changing environmental conditions, and energy efficiency. All these properties arise from the characteristics of the radically different style of sensing and computation used by the biological brain. 
In conventional robots, sensory information is available in a sequence of static snapshots and high dynamics can be sensed only by increasing the sampling rate.

However the available bandwidth limits the amount of information that can be transmitted forcing a compromise between resolution and speed. Event-driven vision sensors transmit information as soon as a change occurs in their visual field, achieving incredibly high temporal resolution, coupled with extremely low data rate and automatic segmentation of significant events. The proposed theme aims at the exploitation of highly dynamical information from event-driven sensors for robust interaction of the humanoid robot iCub with moving objects. The goal is to develop new techniques for the recognition and prediction of trajectories of moving targets including humans and objects and plan for precise reaching movements, by exploiting the high temporal resolution and compressive signal encoding of event-driven vision sensors mounted on the iCub.
Research will focus on the development of the infrastructure for handling eventdriven sensory data and of event-driven vision algorithms for motion estimation as well as algorithms for trajectory prediction. Real time behaviour will be achieved by using compressive event driven computation and on-board processing on FPGA. 

* Official call:

Curriculum on Advanced and Humanoid Robotics, http://www.iit.it/en/openings/phd-calls 

* Application *must* be done online, see instructions for applicants:

* Application deadline: August 22, 2014.

* Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact: Lorenzo Natale <lorenzo.natale_(at)_iit.it> and Chiara Bartolozzi <Chiara.bartolozzi_(at)_iit.it>

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