[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] RSS 2014 Workshop on the DARPA Robotics Challenge

Maurice Fallon mfallon at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 7 17:58:42 PDT 2014

Call for Participation - RSS 2014 Workshop on the DARPA Robotics Challenge:
Lessons Learned and What's Next

We would like to invite you to participate in the RSS 2014
Workshop on the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

We are delighted to welcome Gill Pratt, Project Manager of the DRC.

Saturday July 12, 2014, Berkeley, CA
Website: http://drcworkshop.csail.mit.edu/


Over the last 2 years, the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) has
driven the development of robot systems and software capable
of assisting humans in responding to natural and man-made
disasters - a problem that demands beyond-state-of-the-art
approaches to manipulation, locomotion, perception, and
human-robot interaction (HRI).

The December 2013 DRC Trials demonstrated to the world robots
capable of manipulating doors and valves, cutting through
walls, climbing ladders, driving vehicles, and traversing
challenging terrain, all aided by a remote operator using
only feedback from the robot sensors suite over a limited,
field-realistic communications link. The participating teams
represented some of the most advanced robotics research
organizations in the world.

This workshop is intended to be a forum where participants and
organizers can share with the greater RSS community their
lessons learned and what to expect for the DRC Finals.
We will particularly encourage speakers to share research
ideas inspired by the project and share what they perceive
as the major open problems.

Topics will span hardware design and development as well
as advances in perception, estimation, control, and HRI.


Patrick Beeson, TracLabs
David Conner, TORC Robotics (Team ViGIR)
Todd Danko, Lockheed Martin (Trooper)
Kris Hauser, Indiana (DRC-Hubo)
Brett Kennedy, NASA JPL (RoboSimian)
Peter Neuhaus, IHMC
Taskin Padir, WPI/CMU (Team WPI-CMU)
Gill Pratt, DARPA
Nicolaus Radford, NASA JSC (Team Valkyrie)
Anthony Stentz, CMU (Tartan Rescue)


The schedule has been posted on-line:

The workshop will include talks by many of the participating
team leads, as well as an open discussion of the future
directions of the project and the research domain.


- Scott Kuindersma, scottk at mit.edu
- Maurice Fallon, mfallon at mit.edu

Note that this event is not directly organized by or affiliated
with DARPA.

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