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Jacopo Zenzeri jacopo.zenzeri at iit.it
Wed Jul 9 08:54:57 PDT 2014

1 PhD position with scholarship starting from November 2014 at the Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

* Theme 3, Cooperation/Competition in a haptic dyad

There is a growing interest in physical coupling between humans. For example, it was found that haptic interaction with a human partner leads to a better performance than individuals in tasks involving either motor or force control. One reason may be that mutual haptic feedback can enhance the process of intention integration between the two partners at an implicit level. Moreover, physical interactions are consistently beneficial to the interacting individuals and enable them to improve their motor performance both during and after interactive practice. This makes dyadic interaction extremely appealing from a motor learning perspective, since the use of paradigms that promote dyadic motor adaptation can be of great advantage during training and also in rehabilitation. However, it is not yet clear how dyadic physical interaction shapes motor adaptation and the mechanisms that mediate intention understanding are still poorly understood. A deeper knowledge in these areas is fundamental to advance into the development of haptic platforms for interactive systems and protocols for effective haptic communication, with the goal of modeling interactive strategies & adaptation mechanisms and ultimately designing in an optimal way haptic systems that support effective and versatile dyadic paradigms of physical interaction.

Requirements: a degree in Computer Science Engineering, Bioengineering or equivalent, with high interests in human sciences. Expertise in Virtual Reality, Assistive Technologies and Haptics will constitute factors of preference.

* Official call:

Curriculum on Cognitive Robotics, Interaction and Rehabilitation Technologies,

* Application*must*  be done online, see instructions for applicants:

* Application deadline: August 22, 2014.

* Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact: Jacopo Zenzeri <jacopo.zenzeri_(at)_iit.it> or Pietro Morasso <pietro.morasso_(at)_iit.it>

Jacopo Zenzeri, PhD
Post Doctoral Researcher
Motor Learning and Robotic Rehabilitation Lab
Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dept
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
via Morego, 30 16163 Genova

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