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The July 2014 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and
Engineering (T-ASE) is now available online.

This issue features a Guest Editorial: "Can Drones Deliver?" by Raff 
D'Andrea that quantifies the cost effectiveness and energy efficiency of 
drone UAVs for home delivery of commercial products.

The issue includes 23 regular and 7 short papers on automation results in 
optical manipulation of biological cells, part pose statistics, electron 
microscopy, magnetic micro-robots, hospital operating room scheduling, fabric 
inspection, reinforcement learning for dynamic zero-sum games, smelting plant 
scheduling, and tracking surgical instruments with dual Kinect sensors.


This page has the Table of Contents link, which allows free access to
Editorials, Abstracts of all papers, and to the full text of "Open Access"
papers (via the .pdf links).

Details on T-ASE, info for authors, and upcoming Special Issues:

Also, the Conf. Program for IEEE CASE (Aug 18-22 in Taipei) is now online:


Guest Editorial : Can Drones Deliver?
R. D’Andrea


Rapidly Exploring Random Tree Algorithm-Based Path Planning for Robot-Aided
Optical Manipulation of Biological Cells
T. Ju, S. Liu, J. Yang, and D. Sun

Estimating Part Pose Statistics With Application to Industrial Parts Feeding 
Shape Design: New Metrics, Algorithms, Simulation Experiments and Datasets
P. L. Várkonyi

An Assembly Automation Approach to Alignment of Noncircular Projections in
Electron Microscopy
W. Park and G. S. Chirikjian

Dynamic Surgery Assignment of Multiple Operating Rooms With Planned Surgeon
Arrival Times
Z. Zhang, X. Xie, and N. Geng

A Multiobjective Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for TFT-LCD Module Assembly 
C.-W. Chou, C.-F. Chien, and M. Gen

Integral Reinforcement Learning for Linear Continuous-Time Zero-Sum Games With
Completely Unknown Dynamics
H. Li, D. Liu, and D. Wang

Energy-Responsive Aggregate Context for Energy Saving in a Multi-Resident
C.-H. Lu, C.-L. Wu, T.-H. Yang, H.-W. Yeh, M.-Y. Weng, L.-C. Fu, and T.-Y. C.

Real-Time Planner in the Operational Space for the Automatic Handling of
Kinematic Constraints
C. Guarino Lo Bianco and F. Ghilardelli

Guaranteed Cost Control for Uncertain Networked Control Systems With Predictive
S.-L. Du, X.-M. Sun, and W. Wang

An Adaptable Robot Vision System Performing Manipulation Actions With Flexible
L. Bodenhagen, A. R. Fugl, A. Jordt, M. Willatzen, K. A. Andersen, M. M. Olsen,
R. Koch, H. G. Petersen, and N. Krüger

Spatial Density Patterns for Efficient Change Detection in 3D Environment for
Autonomous Surveillance Robots
 A. W. Vieira, P. L. J. Drews, and M. F. M. Campos

A Robust Surface Coding Method for Optically Challenging Objects Using
Structured Light
C. Zhang, J. Xu, N. Xi, J. Zhao, and Q. Shi

Energy Efficiency Management of an Integrated Serial Production Line and HVAC
M. P. Brundage, Q. Chang, Y. Li, G. Xiao, and J. Arinez

Energy Efficient Use of Multirobot Production Lines in the Automotive Industry:
Detailed System Modeling and Optimization
D. Meike, M. Pellicciari, and G. Berselli

Reaching Law Approach to the Sliding Mode Control of Periodic Review Inventory
A. Bartoszewicz and P. Leśniewski

Navigation of Magnetic Microrobots With Different User Interaction Levels
G. Lucarini, S. Palagi, A. Levi, B. Mazzolai, P. Dario, A. Menciassi, and L.

Analysis of Multiproduct Manufacturing Systems With Homogeneous Exponential
C. Zhao and J. Li

Neural-Network-Based Constrained Optimal Control Scheme for Discrete-Time
Switched Nonlinear System Using Dual Heuristic Programming
H. Zhang, C. Qin, and Y. Luo

Multi-Furnace Optimization in Electric Smelting Plants by Load Scheduling and
W. Kong, T. Chai, J. Ding, and S. Yang

Dynamic Capacity Planning and Location of Hierarchical Service Networks Under
Service Level Constraints
C. Pehlivan, V. Augusto, and X. Xie

Multitarget Hierarchical Negotiation for Distributed Design in Collaborative
Product Development
Y.-I. Lin, K.-W. Tien, and C.-H. Chu

Top-Automatic Service Composition: A Parallel Method for Large-Scale Service
S. Deng, L. Huang, W. Tan, and Z. Wu

Recommendation in an Evolving Service Ecosystem Based on Network Prediction
K. Huang, Y. Fan, and W. Tan


Marker-Based Surgical Instrument Tracking Using Dual Kinect Sensors
H. Ren, W. Liu, and A. Lim

Delayed Genz–Keister Sequences-Based Sparse-Grid Quadrature Nonlinear Filter
With Application to Target Tracking
Z. Wu, M. Yao, B. Ma, W. Jia, and H. Ma

Recoverability of Discrete-Event Systems With Faults
S. Shu

Automatic Identification of Large Fragments in a Pile of Broken Rock Using a
Time-of-Flight Camera
C. McKinnon and J. A. Marshall

Patterned Fabric Inspection and Visualization by the Method of Image
M. K. Ng, H. Y. T. Ngan, X. Yuan, and W. Zhang

Optimal Shipment Policies for Distribution Systems With a Limited Fleet of
Capacitated Vehicles
S. Sacone and S. Siri

Similarity Searching for Defective Wafer Bin Maps in Semiconductor 
C.-S. Liao, T.-J. Hsieh, Y.-S. Huang, and C.-F. Chien

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