[robotics-worldwide] [journals] A New Issue: Journal of Human-Robot Interaction

Jeanie jeanie at clearfactsresearch.com
Thu Jul 10 21:50:34 PDT 2014

A new issue of the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction has been published.
You may find the issue here:


* Lazzeri, Mazzei, & Rossi. Development and Testing of a Multimodal
Acquisition Platform for Human-Robot Interaction Affective Studies
* Toris, Kent, & Chernova. The Robot Management System: A Framework for
Conducting Human-Robot Interaction Studies Through Crowdsourcing
* Morales, Kanda, & Hagita. Walking Together: Side by Side Walking Model
for an Interacting Robot
* Beer, Fisk, & Rogers. Toward a Framework for Levels of Robot Autonomy in
Human-Robot Interaction
* Huber, Lammer, Weiss, & Vincze. Designing Adaptive Roles for Socially
Assistive Robots: A New Method to Reduce Technological Determinism and Role

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