[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] HUMABOT CHALLENGE - Robot Competition at IEEE/RAS Humanoids 2014

Enric Cervera Mateu enric.cervera at icc.uji.es
Mon Jul 14 05:26:16 PDT 2014

*HUMABOT CHALLENGE - Robot Competition*

We are proud to announce the HUMABOT CHALLENGE, to be held at *2014
IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots* (Madrid, Spain, Nov

For details see http://www.irs.uji.es/humabot/

****NEW**** A Webots simulated environment can be downloaded from the
competition site.

****NEW**** Online access to a real robot in the competition setup is
available for registered participants:


Extended Deadline to submit the Registration Form: *JULY 25, 2014*

The competition will focus on algorithmic development for fully autonomous
robots, i.e., robots that operate without human intervention. In this
edition, tests will be held in a small-scale kitchen of a house.

The HUMABOT CHALLENGE is characterized by the use of the middle-size
humanoid platforms. It is intended for using the Darwin-Op platform
manufactured by Robotis, or any other robot with similar characteristics.

IEEE-RAS HUMANOIDS´2014 provides travel support for students participating
in the HUMABOT CHALLENGE 2014. In order to be granted travel support,
students must submit an official application form. The student’s travel
expense will be partially supported, depending on the number of applicants
and availability of funds. The maximum travel support is 2.000€ for the
team depending on the country of origin.

IEEE-RAS HUMANOIDS´2014 will award the following prizes for the HUMABOT
CHALLENGE 2014 winner teams: 1.000€ - 1st place, 700€ - 2nd place, 300€ -
3rd place

See the contest details and official rules for more information on prizes
and eligibility.

*Local committee*

Enric Cervera (UJI, Spain)

Juan C García (UJI, Spain)

Fernando Gómez (UHU, Spain)

Guillem Alenyà (UPC, Spain)

*International Board*

Pedro J Sanz (UJI, Spain), Competition Chair

Pedro Lima (IST, Portugal)

Luca Iocchi (Università di Roma ''La Sapienza'', Italy)

Sven Behnke (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany)

Peter Stone (Univ. of Texas, USA)

Eiichi Yoshida (CNRS-AIST JRL, Japan)

Alan FT Winfield (UWE Bristol, UK)

We look forward to seeing you in the HUMABOT CHALLENGE!

Best regards,

The Organizers

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