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Final Deadline extension: now 20th of July

Due to several requests, we are pushing the deadline to submit your contribution by one week.

The 2014 IROS Workshop on AI and Robotics
In conjunction with the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots
and Systems (IROS'2014) - http://www.iros2014.org
Workshop website: http://people.csail.mit.edu/gdk/iros-airob14/

Important Dates

July 20th: Deadline for papers submission
August 1st: Notification of acceptance
August 15th: Camera ready paper
September 14th: Workshop

Authors are required to submit either a 6 pages max full paper using the IEEE formatting or a 2 pages extended abstract in PDF. Please send the submission to airobot.iros2014 at gmail.com<mailto:airobot.iros2014 at gmail.com>

We are considering inviting authors of selected papers to submit an extended version to a special issue in an high-impact journal in the field

Big Picture

Robotics has always been a natural platform to develop and test AI technologies. However, until recently, high hardware costs and the lack of accessible solutions to address robotics problems like navigation, planning and perception have fractured the research community into nearly isolated groups pursuing research in different directions. New affordable platforms like Baxter and UBR-1 are opening the doors to possibilities only few universities could explore before, while software infrastructures such as ROS are fueling easy collaboration and code sharing. This has lead to a growing consensus that the next quantum leap in the field of robotics will come with capabilities that lie at the core of AI, including task planning, knowledge representation, learning, and human robot interaction.

This workshop will bring together researchers from academia as well as industry to discuss the state-of-the-art in AI and robotics, exchange ideas, foster collaborations and plan coordinated efforts to solve major challenges. It builds on the momentum generated by past similar events, most notably the 2012 and 2013 AAAI symposia "Designing Intelligent Robots: Re-integrating AI" and the 2013 IROS workshop "AI-based Robotics". We aim at expanding an already vibrant community towards young or established researchers in both AI and robotics.

This workshop will cover topics like integrated symbolic and geometric planning, semantic maps, learning, knowledge representation, robotics architectures, task allocation and related.

Open floor discussions

During the workshop we will organize open floor discussion expanding upon the following questions:
*       How can symbolic and geometric planning be integrated?
*       How can noisy physical sensors be captured in high level representation and reasoning?
*       How can high level reasoning help mitigate the limitations of noisy physical sensors?
*       How can knowledge be represented and used in a robotic system?
*       How can a robot work seamlessly among humans?
*       How can geometric maps be augmented with semantic information?
*       How can a robot learn key concepts from its experience?
*       How can a robot extract semantic information from its acquired knowledge?

Invited speakers
*       Tomas Lozano Perez (MIT)
*       Steve Hart (NASA/GM)
*       Todd Hester (Nest)
*       Alper Aydemir (JPL)
*       Malik Ghallab (LAAS CNRS)


Organizing Committee:
*       Lorenzo Riano (Bosch)
*       Alessandro Saffiotti (Orebro University)
*       Moritz Tenorth (University of Bremen),
*       George Dimitri Konidaris (MIT),
*       Nick Hawes (University of Birmingham)
*       Siddharth Srivastava (UC Berkeley)

For more information and for submissions please contact airobot.iros2014 at gmail.com<mailto:airobot.iros2014 at gmail.com>

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