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Francesco Maurelli f.maurelli at ieee.org
Thu Jul 17 05:05:05 PDT 2014

Joint training and joint development of robot systems to explore the oceans:
This is the aim with which the European network for training and 
research on maritime and underwater robotics, Robocademy, has been 
started this year. The project is funded by the EU with 3.61 million 
euro deals with developing key qualifications for junior researchers and 
strengthening technology development in the field of underwater 
robotics. Through the close collaboration of leading research 
institutes, academia, industry, and small–medium enterprises in 
robotics, marine technology, marine science, and offshore industry, 
Robocademy will provide first-class training and research opportunities 
for Early-Stage-Researchers.

Heriot-Watt University is currently looking for 3 
Early-Stage-Researchers (ESR), who made their diploma or master degree 
within the last four years in one of the following disciplines:

•	Computer Science
•	Math or Physics
•	Computer Engineering
•	Robotics

The three ESRs will work on the following projects:
- Persistent Long Term Autonomy

- Biosonar for Object Characterisation

- Object Recognition with Multiple Platforms

The research activities will be complemented by a high-quality 
soft-skills training programme for and the opportunity to gain extensive 
on-site hands-on experience through secondments to maritime industry and 
oceanographic research institutes.

The deadline for application is on July 30rd. Please contact:
Prof. David Lane: d.m.lane at hw.ac.uk

Partners of the Roboacademy Consortium:

•	DFKI, Robotics Innovation Center, Bremen, Germany
•	Heriot-Watt University, Ocean Systems Lab, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
•	Tallinn University of Technology, Centre of Biorobotics, Tallinn, Estonia
•	Universitat de Girona, Computer Vision and Robotics Research Group, 
Girona, Spain
•	Natural Environment Research Council, National Oceanography Centre, 
Swindon  Wiltshire, United Kingdom
•	 Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, La Spezia, Italy
•	National Technical University of Athens, Control Systems Lab, Athens, 
•	ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Bremen, Germany
•	SeeByte Ltd, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
•	Graal Tech, Genova, Italy

best regards,
Francesco Maurelli
Ocean Systems Lab, Heriot-Watt University
f.maurelli at ieee.org - http://oceansystemslab-heriotwatt.com/

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