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Mon Jul 21 03:06:47 PDT 2014

Call for participation

*Vision for Robotics*

One Day BMVA symposium in London, UK on Wednesday 3^rd Dec, 2014

Chairs: Marco Paladini and John Illingworth

Keynote speakers (TBC):

Andrew Davison, Bruno Siciliano and Paul Newman

www.bmva.org/meetings <http://www.bmva.org/meetings>

Industrial robots have traditionally relied on a highly constrained 
environment. Recent advancements in computer vision processing are 
opening up industrial and service robot applications for unstructured 
environments. The challenges we face are reliability, speed of 
execution, and safety. Computer Vision plays an increasingly important 
role in industrial robotics applications such as sorting, picking, 
packaging and assembly, in addition to providing fundamental robot 
capabilities such as SLAM, obstacle avoidance, and hazard detection 
commonly used in mobile robots, autonomous cars, service robots and 
aerial vehicles.

The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers and 
practitioners, from both industry and academia, interested in advancing 
vision systems for robotics applications.

Submissions are welcome in all related topics, including but not limited to:

  * Robot-mounted sensor calibration
  * Vision-guided robot control (visual servoing)
  * Object detection and 6 dof localisation
  * Object grasping and Bin picking
  * 3D models for grasping
  * Motion planning and obstacle avoidance
  * Mapping and navigation
  * Integration with other sensors (e.g. Force-Torque, IMU, GPS...)
  * Dynamic environments, real-time obstacle avoidance.

*Call for Participation: *

All those interested in presenting material at this meeting are invited 
to submit a paragraph describing their topic to Marco Paladini 
marco.paladini at ocado.com <mailto:marco.paladini at ocado.com> for 
consideration by 30^th July


*Important Dates*

Abstract submission: 30th July, 2014

Author notification: 7th August, 2014

Technical Meeting: 3rd Dec, 2014

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