[robotics-worldwide] [Jobs] 2 Postdoc positions at MARS Lab: Project Tango & NRI Large

Stergios Roumeliotis stergios at cs.umn.edu
Tue Jul 22 17:14:01 PDT 2014

The Multiple Autonomous Robotic Systems (MARS) Lab (http://mars.cs.umn.edu/) at the Univ. of Minnesota (UMN) has two Postdoctoral Fellow positions open.

--- Postdoc 1: Project: Large-scale 3D Localization and Mapping on Mobile Devices; Sponsor: Google ATAP, Project Tango (https://www.google.com/atap/projecttango/#project )

The objective of this project is to develop the next generation of Vision-aided Inertial Navigation Systems (VINS) for performing resource-aware, large-scale 3D localization and mapping on mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, and wearables) within highly-dynamic environments.

Accomplishing this task requires precisely modeling and calibrating visual and inertial sensors, reliably extracting low (e.g., geometric primitives) and high (e.g., place ID and semantics) level visual information, and efficiently solving large-scale nonlinear optimization problems. But most of all, it requires a profound understanding of the relation between the information extracted from sensor data and the processing resources expended, as well as bright new ideas for how the information gain can be maximized through the introduction and solution of insightful problem relaxations.

Required Qualifications:
Excellent knowledge of:
Geometric computer vision
Optimization theory
Numerical linear algebra
Excellent  programming skills (C++ under Linux)
Excellent communication skills

Additional Desired Qualifications/Knowledge:
Estimation theory
Algebraic geometry
Experience working with RGBD sensors
Basic understanding of inertial sensing

-- Postdoc 2: Human-robot Coordinated Manipulations and Transportation of Large Objects; Sponsor: NSF, National Robotics Initiative

The objective of this project is to develop the science and technology necessary for realizing human-robot cooperative object manipulation and transportation. Accomplishing this goal requires adaptability to human activity and robustness to variability and uncertainty in the environment. The embodiment of this research will be a humanoid co-worker that helps a person carry an object while bearing most of the load. This robot will accomplish its goal without excessive communication or prior training on the part of the human. 

Required Qualifications:
Excellent knowledge of kinematics, dynamics, and control of articulated robots
Excellent  programming skills (C++ under Linux)
Excellent communication skills

Additional Desired Qualifications/Knowledge:
Experience working with humanoid robots

-- Application Process:
Interested applicants should email their CV and a brief (< 2 pages) statement of educational background, research experience, and future objectives to Prof. Stergios Roumeliotis <stergios at cs.umn.edu> by +++ Aug. 15 2014 +++.

-- Additional information 
I) MARS Lab http://mars.cs.umn.edu/
The research interests of our group are on resource-aware estimation and control, including:
Large-scale 3D localization and mapping on portable devices and robots 
Optimal experimental design  
Human-robot cooperation

Researchers in our group (currently 15 members) are highly-motivated and equally value having an excellent technical background and being imaginative and creative. They work and interact within the diverse and vibrant research and learning environment of the Digital Technology Center (http://www.dtc.umn.edu/) at UMN.

Past members of the MARS Lab hold leading research positions in academia, high-tech industry, and national laboratories: http://mars.cs.umn.edu/people.html
II) UMN and the MnDRIVE Initiative on Robotics
The University of Minnesota recently launched a new state-funded initiative, called MnDRIVE (Minnesota Discovery, Research and InnoVation Economy) focused on  advancing Minnesota's economy and positioning the state as a leader in key industries. One of the main focus areas is Robotics, sensors, and advanced manufacturing: http://cse.umn.edu/research/mndrive/

III) Why Minneapolis?


Stergios I. Roumeliotis
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